Alumni Reunion

Alumni Reunion Calling all PNCA and Museum Art School Alumni! Maybe it's been one year since you walked across the stage at graduation, diploma in hand. Maybe it's been fifty. Perhaps you thought your PNCA days were over? Well, here's the official word on that: nope. School is back in session. Get ready for another PNCA party, more art walks, and classes (minus the homework) at this year's Alumni Reunion.

It's all happening November 5, 2016.

Tweet your classmates. Text your friends. Let us know you're excited. Because one thing hasn't changed: it isn't a party without you.

So be sure to save the date for PNCA’s 2016 Alumni Reunion.

You can expect drinks, dinner, music, performances, stories, and more to honor and celebrate our alumni community.


Reserve Your Tickets Now!

Online registration for Alumni Reunion has closed. If you'd still like to attend (and we hope you will!) you can register at the door on Saturday, November 5th. Registration includes all activities as well as the reception, dinner, and drinks.


 Reunion Schedule

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

From 2 to 5 on Saturday afternoon, we’re inviting alumni to stop in for a variety of free and flexible activities, including...

  • Join a special alumni-only critique session in PNCA’s BridgeLab. Come to reinvigorate your art practice, get specific and useful feedback, and build your community of fellow practicing artists. RSVP to
  • Tour of PNCA's 3D Studios in the Falcon Building. Check out PNCA’s student studios, sculpture facilities, and shop spaces.
  • Screenprint with Dead Matter Press. Bring a t-shirt, tote bag, or something else you want printed and pull a print in this mobile print shop with Elizabeth McGraine '16 (Printmaking) and Tage Johnson '15 (Printmaking).
  • Roam a dozen exhibitions at PNCA. From Hidden Assembly, which features PNCA alumni Anna Gray '08 + Ryan Wilson Paulsen '08 (Intermedia) to Design Museum Boston’s Extraordinary Playscapes, spend the afternoon taking in art in several formal and informal gallery spaces in PNCA’s new main campus building.
  • Relax in the Alumni Hospitality Room. Grab a cookie and some tea and kick back in this alumni gathering spot.


5:00 PM :: Reception

Enjoy typewriter driven, Rollin' Rag Rescues and Slow Shoe Shuffles with Dizzynest. Dizzynest is Ron Rutter on the Kalamazoo guitar, Doug Kelly on the Kay guitar, Daniyel Hicks on suitcase bass, and DJ Mountain on the snare & ukulele.

Play like a kid again with the “playable installations” in Design Museum Boston’s Extraordinary Playscapes exhibition.

And don’t worry… beer and wine is on the house and emcee Brad Rogers '86 (Photography) will take good care of you.

6:30 PM :: Dinner 7:45 PM :: Remarks by Brenda Mallory '04 (General Fine Arts)

Brenda Mallory '04 is an installation artist interested in ecosystems, cultures, families, and individual lives under stress from outside influences. She often uses natural, organic materials to create forms that look like they might have grown out of the earth but are connected with blackened industrial nuts and bolts. She has received an Individual Artist Project Grant from RACC, a Golden Spot Residency from Crow's Shadow in Pendleton, and a Visual Arts Fellowship from the Native Arts & Culture Foundation in Vancouver, WA. Brenda will speak about her personal and creative journey to and since PNCA.

8:30 PM :: Dessert, Conversation, Giant Karaoke, and more!

You’ll just have to come to see what all this is about.

Interested in helping to plan this year's Reunion? We have a superstar team of alumni who are working hard to make this a terrific celebration of the alumni experience. If you're interested in joining the fun, email