Cornerstone Lectures

Each year the President’s Office invites distinguished speakers to address the PNCA community at the College’s four Cornerstone Lectures.

PNCA’s Cornerstone Lectures bring distinguished artists, scholars, innovators, and critics to PNCA for lectures, seminars, panel discussions, and a variety of related interactions with faculty, students, and the community at large. Funded by the President’s Office, these programs explore the evolving role of arts education in the 21st Century.

The Cornerstone Lectures include the annual Convocation Address, which officially opens the academic year; the College’s Homecoming Lecture during Alumni weekend; the Edelman Lecture in March; and the Commencement Address given at Commencement in May.

Recent speakers have included David Shipley, Mary Mattingly ‘02, Rebecca Solnit, Roger Mandle, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Malia Jensen ‘89, Sally Lawrence, Michael Curry ‘81, Joanna Berton Martinez, Derrick Jensen, Kathleen Dean Moore, Lisa Strausfeld, Samuel Rowlett, Joy Harjo, and Alan M. Kapuler, among others.

About the Convocation Address
Convocation, which is from the Latin term for “calling together,” is an annual opportunity for the College’s community of students, faculty, staff, and Board Members to come together and mark the beginning of the new academic year.

About the Homecoming Lecture
Homecoming is PNCA’s annual Alumni Reunion reunites PNCA alumni on campus for a lecture, dinner, workshops, and more. The Homecoming Lecture is one of the most popular and memorable highlights of PNCA’s annual Alumni Reunion. All graduates and their guests are invited to enjoy a lecture delivered by one of PNCA’s notable alumni.

About the Edelman Lecture
When the late Portland architect and photographer, Alfred Edelman, taught three-dimensional design at PNCA, he challenged his students to consider the principles of engineering, kinetics, physics and other subjects seemingly dissimilar to art. In doing so he brought the outside world into his classroom. Founded by Carol Edelman, the Alfred Edelman Lecture was created to enhance the student’s understanding of the visual world by presenting timeless and/or unique ways to examine and manipulate three-dimensional space and to be a catalyst for lively discussions in the classroom at PNCA.

About the Commencement Address
The annual Commencement Address given to graduating students and seeks to situate students’ college work into the context of their future. The term “commencement” reminds us that graduation is not an end, but a beginning.