President's Office

Our mission at PNCA is to prepare students for a life of creative practice. Creativity in this context refers to the formulation of new ideas to produce original works of art, functional creations, cultural products, inventions and technological innovations, which might transform the world. In this sense, we are educating our students to use their powers of creativity to be problem solvers with the confidence to reinvent the world. We know art and design have unlimited potential to change lives. And we believe, as Harold Schnitzer said on a number of occasions, that a growing PNCA is a force for economic revitalization in our city.

Our graduates are influential artists, entrepreneurs, entertainers, urban designers, and global citizens dedicated to finding creative design solutions, launching new businesses, and exploring innovative ways of thinking. We strive for excellence, for making a difference in the lives of our students, and for opening new windows to the world for them and for the children, families, and supporters in our broader community.

PNCA is the oldest full-time art school in the Pacific Northwest and was the first college of art and design in the region to launch graduate programs. In the last seven years the College has doubled the student body, tripled the faculty, purchased its first permanent facility, completed a $32 million campaign, preserved the collection of Museum of Contemporary Craft, added seven new academic programs, and quadrupled the endowment. Leadership, planning, and hard work have enabled the college to build strong momentum as we continue to map our next century.

PNCA is currently engaged in a search for our next President. For more information, the Presidential Search Announcement and Presidential Search Prospectus can be found on our Employment page.