PNCA Admissions Staff

Anna Miltenberger

Director of Admissions

Anna received a BFA in Illustration and when she's not at PNCA, she's in her studio doing freelance illustration, painting, drawing, and creating other forms of visual art. Anna also loves hiking, camping, doing yoga and playing fetch with her cat.

Anastasia Greer

Assistant Director of Admissions

Anastasia graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2014 with a BFA in Printmaking, and from PNCA in 2016 with an MFA in Visual Studies. She is an abstract painter and sculptor that primarily utilizes textiles and clay. Anastasia loves quilting, poodles, and playing in her punk band.

Tyler Mackie

Director of Graduate Admissions

Tyler received her BFA at Oregon State University and her MFA at Louisiana State University. Having lived in various parts of the country, she loves being back in Portland, her hometown. Tyler's studio practice focuses on sculptural fiber-works and drawings that engage concepts of comfort, the ready-made, handmade objects and order versus disorder.

Lindsay Farr

Admissions Office Manager

Lindsay has worked in higher education for the past nine years including AICAD art colleges and a prestigious liberal arts college. When not at work she is an avid sports fan, loves to travel, spend time with family and friends, and is a huge animal lover.

Nathan Wyrick

Senior Admissions Counselor

Nathaniel is a 2014 graduate from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University MFA program who works with a range of mediums. Concentrating in performance, installation, and print work, he utilizes objects to locate a sense of history and a chance to explore identity, masculinity, and sexuality, especially in relation to memory and historical traditions of southern Americana. He is a sweater lover with a penchant for tattoos, trucker hats, and mason jars. 

Maggie Condit

Senior Admissions Counselor

Maggie received her BFA in Illustration from The University of Arizona in 2013, and her MFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2016. Maggie is an artist whose work investigates pop culture, humor, and feminism through installations, video, sculpture, and standup comedy. 

John Summerson

Admissions Counselor

John received his BFA in Animated Arts at PNCA in 2016.  He is a 2D and stop-motion animator with a deep and abiding love for competitive pinball, fishing, and outdoor cookery. 

Katie Sifford

Admissions Counselor

Katie received her BFA in Sculpture from PNCA in 2017. She is primarily a figurative artist but enjoys working in many mediums in both 2D and 3D. She is a skilled potter, avid DIYer, outdoors enthusiast, lover of dogs and classic rock.

Sean Bossardet

Admissions Counselor

Sean received his BA in Visual Arts from a small liberal arts college in 2015.  Since then, he has been working as a practicing artist in a wealth of towns and cities across Asia, West Africa, and Latin America.  When he is not making art, Sean enjoys being outside, listening to Drake, and drinking guava juice. He is also fluent in Spanish and Sign Language. 


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