Gifts of Stock

Your gift of stock provides for the charitable needs of the College while saving you any capital gains tax on appreciated stock or securities.

You can make a stock/securities gift transfer to Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) in two ways. The first is a stock transfer held through a broker. The second is transfer of stock certificates. 

APPRECIATED STOCK/SECURITIES:  In order to retain the tax benefits for yourself, do NOT sell appreciated shares. Transfer the stock gift through a broker.

DEPRECIATED STOCK/SECURITIES: If your securities or stocks have decreased in value from your original purchase/cost, consider selling the stock and donating the cash. This will allow you to take a capital loss deduction on your income tax and a charitable deduction for the full amount of the donation. 

Making a stock gift transfer through a broker

• Prepare a letter with directions to your broker or call your broker today to initiate the gift to PNCA. 

• Provide your broker the following information:

PNCA Brokerage Firm: Bank of New York A/C # 117557 (First Republic Bank)
Account Name: Pacific Northwest College of Art
Tax Exempt ID: 93‐1139187
Account Number: 1040008034
DTC Number: 0901
• Contact PNCA’s Office of Advancement

Please contact or have your broker notify Luann Whorton, 503.821.8955, in our Office of Advancement before any stock/securities are transferred so that the College is aware of the donor’s gift. Our goal is to sell the securities as soon as we receive them so that we get the value for the stock that you intended.

Making a stock certificate gift

The donor must have signed guarantee of stock power for each stock certificate the donor plans to transfer to Pacific Northwest College of Art as a gift. A local bank or broker can witness the donor’s signature and stamp the stock power accordingly. The donor can mail the certificates in a separate envelope (donor is not to sign the back of the certificate) and place the corresponding signed and stamped stock powers in a separate envelope.

Both envelopes should be mailed to:

Pacific Northwest College of Art
Office of Advancement
511 NW Broadway
Portland, OR 97209-3404

It is recommended that certificates be mailed via certified mail with a delivery confirmation and return receipt.

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Please make checks payable to PNCA.
Office of Advancement
511 NW Broadway
Portland, OR 97209

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