Tuition Scholarships & Funding

The Critical Studies Program offers many opportunities for funding.

Tuition and Financial Aid Information


Merit scholarships are assessed based on the student’s personal history of scholastic achievement, as well as their contributions to culture and community. Consideration will also be given to traditionally underrepresented students and those who demonstrate financial need.

The Critical Research Fellowship allows one student the opportunity to gain scholarly research experience and learn about academic publishing by acting as a research assistant to the Program Chair for the academic year. This fellowship provides a 60% tuition remission.

Writing Fellowships are awarded to students with exceptional writing skills who can serve as writing consultants for students at PNCA.

MA students can apply for Teaching Assistantships which afford students the opportunity to work in the classroom and gain pedagogical experience pending completion of a Critical Pedagogy class. TAs are compensated per semester once they are placed in a class.

Students are encouraged to apply for external scholarships. These can be found by searching online databases including the U.S. Department of Labor’s free scholarship search tool, and sites such as Fastweb,, and Scholarshipsportal.


Other Opportunities

Paid work is available to students on campus, including positions for international students.

Bridgelab, PNCA’s professional development and career center, will also assist students seeking paid Internship opportunities off-campus.  



Writing Awards Each year a first-year student from the Critical Studies Program will be chosen to receive the Critical Writing Award for the best piece of nonfiction writing composed for a course that year. The Distinguished Thesis Award will be granted to a student who attains an outstanding level of achievement in the written thesis project in their second year.

Travel Awards will support students presenting at academic conferences.

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