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Wieden + Kennedy Tomorrow AND Oregon Sustainability Center


This semester we have been working with W+K Tomorrow— Nick Barham and Jamie Ostrov, to develop the Action Center of the Oregon Sustainability Center. The OSC is Oregon’s first living building, meaning that in all planning stages it has undergone the Living Building Challenge it will be a triple net zero space, will act as a beacon in the city, and will provide an evocative guide for other building projects going forth.

An illustration of how the building will achieve water independence. Image taken from the OSC blog.

The Action Center will be an interactive space in the first two floors of the OSC, which will explain the inner workings of the building, create context within the community of Portland and Oregon, and attempt to address the dynamic and exploratory notion of a building literally being alive.

An example of what some of the living walls may look like.

We have spent the past several months researching and examining other projects in order to gather and cull successful ideas for the space. The aim is to shape the building’s interior to truly incorporate the community of Portland, reflecting both the innovative tech side of the city, as well as the D-I-Y crowd. We are currently in the concluding stages of our development process, which involves a number of students working closely with a WK creative to synthesize our final designs for the Action Center. These will be presented to the OSC board in December.


Future location for the OSC building. Image borrowed from here.

Text by Halley Roberts ’13.

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