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S.H.I.T. Lab: Northwest Permaculture Convergence

Sanitation, Hygiene and Integral Technologies: legal, social and technical breaks in the nutrient cycle. (SHIT lab)

After immersing ourselves in the scientific, technical & social histories of human waste, our first major project was to design, build, and implement a portable composting toilet system for the Northwest Permaculture Convergence this past October.

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In collaboration with our mentors Mathew Lippincott and Molly Danielsson of the Cloacina Project, we put together an open source hardware platform for toilets, urinals, hand sinks and privacy screens to accommodate a 500-person event. We also created signage, training protocol, and a help line using GroupMe to provide a safe, hygienic, and educational user experience. At the end of the weekend, we delivered the compost to a nearby farmer, and attendees of the NWPCC were thrilled to have closed their nutrient cycle!

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We are currently working on putting together a manual for DIY dry household toilets in the context of a natural disaster. Sanitation is a universal human need, but it is often inadequately addressed. We are excited to be a part of the conversation!

Text by Morgan O’Hara ’13
Photos by Halley Roberts ’13

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