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Student Feature: Joan Lundell

Image via Joan’s website.

Joan Lundell earned a Bachelor of Industrial Design degree at Auburn University. After graduation she lived for one year at Arcosanti, a sustainable community located in the high desert of Arizona designed by visionary architect Paolo Soleri. While there she worked in the bronze foundry crafting the bells that are sold to generate funding for the project. Following six months of travel throughout South America studying the language and culture, she settled in Portland where she worked for PVS In-Store Graphics, a large format print production company. Her responsibilities included working with clients to develop prototypes for retail displays and signage.

Joan recently started a Collaborative Design blog, highlighting inspiring projects, videos, people, ideas, and movements. As stated by Joan: “Here you will be able to see examples of new and old ways of design thinking through student work, sustainable design efforts, systems theory, design ecologies and social design practices. Take a closer look, from a student perspective, at the MFA program in Collaborative design at PNCA. After browsing through these posts and checking out the links you should have a pretty good idea of what it’s all about!”

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