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2011-2012 Courses + Labs

Image from Joan Lundell’s MFA ’13 blog ; Collaboration with W+K on the Oregon Sustainability Center

One of the most unique elements to the Collaborative Design program is simply how, well, collaborative it is—not merely between students within the program, but within the urban landscape as a whole. The best way to describe this contextualization of the program within Portland and the larger Pacific Northwest is to look at the city as a living learning lab, where students are interacting with real-world issues on a daily basis. Not only do they confront relevant problems face-on, but they get to do it with some of the biggest and brightest designers, thinkers, anthropologists, programmers, writers, makers, etc. that the city has to offer.
Below you’ll find some of the exciting collaborations that have been taking place thus far:

+ Problems and Stakeholders; Urban Rural Design; Collaboration and Facilitation, Peter Schoonmaker, Program Chair

+ Systems Thinking, Howard Silverman, Ecotrust

+ Interactive Design, Mayank Sharma, Intel

+ Brainstorming and Facilitation; Business Planning for Creatives, Aric Wood, Dachis Group

+ Sanitation, Hygiene, and Integrated Technologies, Molly Danielsson and Mathew Lippincott, Cloacina Project

+ Oregon Sustainability Center, Nick Barham and Jamie Ostrov, Wieden + Kennedy

+ Web Design Interaction, Scott Sakamoto, Ronin Studios

+ Institutional Design, Don Harker, Sustainable Northwest

+ Design Intertwine, Mike Houck, Urban Greenspaces Institute

+ Design Ecologies, Kathryn Langstaff, Autopoiesis

+ Food Systems Design, Bonnie Bruce, Celilo Gardens

+ Portland Home(less), Tom Webb, The Bear Deluxe Magazine

+ Sousveillence, Dawn Nafus, Intel

+ Design Bootcamp, Paul Platosh, Puddletown Press

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