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Nora Bateson - An Ecology of Mind Documentary

An Ecology of Mind
Portland premier of the award-winning film
Director Nora Bateson in attendance

Thursday – November 1, 2012 – 7pm
MercyCorps Aceh Community Room
28 SW First Ave

Post-film discussion on “Cybernetic Cities: An Ecology of the Urban Mind”
Sponsored by MercyCorps and PNCA Collaborative Design program,
in conjunction with “Design with the Other 90%: Cities” exhibition

Anthropologist Gregory Bateson specialized in simply looking at things – all kinds of things – from multiple angles, says filmmaker Nora Bateson in this portrait of her father.

The film focuses on Bateson’s ideas, his family history and, most of all, his stories. Footage includes Bateson’s own 1930s photography from Bali (his research with Margaret Mead) along with contemporary interviews. Nora presents this intellectual legacy through the poetic and personal narrative of a father-daughter relationship.

Following the one-hour film, Nora Bateson will join a discussion on ecology of the urban mind and answer questions from the audience. How might Gregory Bateson’s practice of observation inform the way we understand cities and look at “Design with the Other 90%”?

More info: www.anecologyofmind.com

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