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Mike Jones resilence expert speaks to students and faculty

‘Resilience’ has become the buzz-word du jour but what does it mean for human society and the environments within which people live? What does resilience mean for sustainable lifestyles and how might the concepts of resilience science be applied to the real world? Mike took graduate and undergraduate students and faculty through a well developed journey of resilience thinking.

Mike Jones is an independent environmental management consultant who has an associate position at the Stockholm Resilience Centre where he is developing the Resilience Alliance Connectors Programme. The “Connectors” seek to deliver the models and paradigms of resilience science to policy makers and practitioners in simple ways that are useful to them in their search for sustainability. Mike was born and raised on a farm in the UK before emigrating to Africa where he served in Zimbabwe’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management for 23 years in a variety of positions including: ranger, ecologist, management planner, community outreach and tourism development. Mike has worked for a number of small US NGOs in Africa and the US since 1995 and was the director of Sand County Foundation’s Africa Programme from 2001 until 2008.

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