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MFA in Collaborative Design second-year candidate Santigie Fofana-Dura invites you to his first solo

Fifty Maplewood Wands explores the oft-neglected, and more oft-romanticized, multidimensional realm of magick that has existed on Earth since “the beginning”. The wands do not simply work by themselves as magick is a human centered endeavor. This body of work is the culmination of intense research, heavy application of ancient craft, and the innate desire to harness the elements of Earth’s natural and ever evolving energy field in order to live in harmony with the planetary life force. Come join Santigie at his opening reception where he will use his wands in an attempt to release a lighting bolt from the sky.

Where: 1532 SW Morrison Portland, OR
When: Thursday Feb. 7th 5pm-8pm
Why: The power of magick is real and it is for all of us.

Santigie Fofana-Dura is a teaching artist and 2013 MFA in Collaborative Design candidate at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. He currently works as a music teacher for alternative high schools around Portland and holds a BS in Sociology and MAT in Education.

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