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David Aycan, Design Director for IDEO joins CD students for an intimate conversation about design

The MFA in Collaborative Design program brought David Aycan to campus as part of the 2012-2013 Graduate Visiting Artist Lecture Series.

In addition to his public lecture, David joined the MFA Collaborative Design students for an intimate and free ranging conversation about design. CD students were familiar with IDEO and their approach to design. David’s visit afforded CD students the opportunity to explore an array of their individual questions directly with David.

David Aycan is the Design Director at IDEO and has experience integrating a strategic business perspective with a human centered approach to design. During his seven years at IDEO, his experience has ranged across several industries from commercial real estate to technology and food and beverage to insurance. Prior to joining IDEO, David co-founded and ran skateboard company Wongneto and clothing company Dull Clothes.

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