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Students Present to Cannon Beach Earth Day Event

Danielle Olson, Sharon Dvora and Chelsea Stephen presented their Clean Castles project to a group of 60 citizens in Cannon Beach, Oregon. The Clean Castles team also included David Laubenthal. The team’s design was in response to the Clean Beaches Design Challenge which was part of the Cultural Entrepreneurship class. The team also spent part of the afternoon on the beach with Marc Ward of Sea Turtles Forever, an organization dedicated to protecting sea turtles and cleaning up micro plastics. Another team from the Cultural Entrepreneurship class designed a project around creating an alternative spring break to bring young people to the beach to clean it up and a third team designed a “nurdle” management project to prevent those pesky little pellets that are the feedstock of plastic injection molding machines everywhere from escaping into the storm water, on into our waterways, out into the ocean and onto our beaches.

Students were part of The Gaylord Nelson Earth Day Dinner and witnessed a community coming together to recognize and appreciate the good work of citizens in protecting their environment. It was a real display of social capital. Collaborative Design students made a great contribution to the evening. The world premier of the Clean Castles video was a big hit with the crowd.

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