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Right 2 Dream Too

Right 2 Dream Too

Recently, the first year Collaborative Design cohort visited the rest area of Right 2 Dream Too to gain an understanding of this local “wicked problem” and the stakeholders in this debate. As an example of an innovative approach of self-determined community solutions, Right 2 Dream Too is self-managed, self-policed, and providing tangible, immediate help to a community that is otherwise marginalized and ignored.

Right 2 Dream Too has recently been in the news because they’re soon moving locations. After two years of contention with the city of Portland and their some of their neighbors at 4th & W. Burnside, they reached a deal with the city to move under the Broadway Bridge in the Pearl. However, the Pearl District Neighbor Association isn’t pleased with this decision. We looked to this case study as an example of urban land use, and the potential for utilizing disruption as a means of creating social change.

Getting a tour from Right 2 Dream Too co-founder Ibrahim Mubarak

Doors of R2D2
The exterior fence, made of repurposed doors, are a fundraiser for R2D2, with donors paying $100 to paint any message on their door

Inside R2D2
We heard the stories of what it’s like to stay and participate in the community at Right 2 Dream Too

Under the Broadway Bridge
On our way back to the studio, we walked past the potential future location of R2D2. Though cooperation with the city is important, it’s a shame that this location is hidden from daily view. One of the greatest benefits of the location at 4th & Burnside is the visible reminder of homelessness, and the conversation this group sparked in making themselves known in our city.

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