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Image of Blue Lake, taken from http://www.calderaarts.org/caldera

2012 CT+CR Fall Colloquium and Artist Residency @ Caldera

With major support from Paul Livadary and the Marshall and Margherite McComb Foundation and with special thanks to Peets Coffee

dates: October 3-7, 2012
theme: “The Visible, the Invisible, and the Indivisible”
special guests: Nina Katchadourian, Clinical Assistant Professor, The NYU Gallatin School for Individualized Study; Sina Najafi, Editor-in-Chief, Cabinet magazine; Dan Heagerty, Board of Governors, Caldera
CT+CR faculty: Anne-Marie Oliver, Barry Sanders, Marie-Pierre Hasne, Joan Handwerg
program coordinator: Nicole Smith
chef: Cathy Cleaver
participants: Marshall Astor, Karena Bennett, Carmen Denison, Kimberly Disney, Peter Falanga, André Busch Fortes, Dustin Freemont, Val Hardy, Lauren Heagerty, Hannah Horovitz, Evangelina Owens, Mel Ponis, Robert Reincke, Kevin Smith, Dawn Stoppiello, Muhammad Usruf, Brooke Wendt, Chloé Womack


Wednesday, October 3
9:00 am: depart Portland for Caldera
2:00-4:00 pm: settling in (snacks available in the Hearth Room)
4:00-6:00 pm: opening session on the theme “The Visible, the Invisible, and the Indivisible”
6:00-7:00 pm: free time
7:00-7:30 pm: reception
7:30-9:00 pm: dinner
10:00 pm: film(s) in the Library

Thursday, October 4
8:30-9:30 am: breakfast
10:00 am-12:00 pm: roundtable discussion
12:30-1:30 pm: lunch
1:30-3:00 pm: free time
3:00-5:30 pm: roundtable discussion with Nina Katchadourian and Sina Najafi
5:30-7:00 pm: free time
7:00-8:30 pm: welcome dinner for Nina Katchadourian, Sina Najafi, and Dan Heagerty
8:30 pm: presentation by Dan Heagerty, Board of Directors, Caldera Arts Center
10:00 pm: film(s) in the Library

Friday, October 5
8:30-9:30 am: breakfast
10:00 am-12:30 pm: individual meetings (Nina Katchadourian and Sina Najafi)
12:30-1:30 pm: lunch
2:00-4:30 pm: individual meetings, continued (Nina Katchadourian and Sina Najafi)
4:30-7:00: free time
7:00-7:30 pm: reception
7:30-9:00 pm: dinner
10:00 pm: film(s) in the Library

Saturday, October 6
8:30-9:30 am: breakfast
10:00 am-12:00 pm: morning session (Sina Najafi)
12:30-1:30 pm: lunch
1:30-3:00: free time
3:00-5:30 pm: afternoon session (Sina Najafi)
5:30-7:00: free time
7:00-7:30 pm: reception
7:30-9:00 pm: dinner
10:00 pm: student presentations

Sunday, October 7
8:30-9:30 am: breakfast
10:00 am-12:00 pm: morning session (Nina Katchadourian)
12:30-1:30 pm: lunch
1:30-4:00 pm: group clean-up
4:00 pm: return to Portland

Monday, October 8
7:30 pm: “Curiosity and Culture,” public lecture, Swigert Commons, PNCA (Sina Najafi)

About Nina Katchadourian
Nina Katchadourian is Clinical Assistant Professor at the NYU Gallatin School for Individualized Study. From 2005 to 2012, she was Viewing Program Curator at the Drawing Center. She was born in Stanford, California, and grew up spending every summer on a small island in the Finnish archipelago, where she still resides part of each year. Her work exists in a wide variety of media, including photography, sculpture, video, and sound, and has been exhibited at PS1/MoMA, the Serpentine Gallery, New Langton Arts, Artists Space, SculptureCenter, and the Palais de Tokyo. In January 2006, the Turku Art Museum in Turku, Finland featured a solo show of her works made in Finland, and in June 2006, the Tang Museum in Saratoga Springs exhibited a ten-year survey of her work and published an accompanying monograph entitled “All Forms of Attraction.” The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego presented a solo show of her recent video installations in July 2008. In February 2010, she was Artist-in-Residence at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand, which hosted her solo show “Seat Assignment.” Katchadourian is represented by Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco.

About Sina Najafi
Sina Najafi is co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of the New York-based Cabinet, an award-winning quarterly of art and culture, and Editorial Director of Cabinet Books. Known for its inimitable sensibility, arresting combinations of words and images, diverse audience, quirky humor, and insistent linkage of curiosity and ethics, Cabinet “merges the popular appeal of an arts periodical, the visually engaging style of a design magazine, and the in-depth exploration of a scholarly journal to create a sourcebook of ideas for an eclectic international audience of readers, from artists and designers to scientists, philosophers, and historians.” Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine, dubbed it “the secret best art magazine.” Slavoj Žižek called it “ferociously intelligent, ridiculously funny, absurdly innovative, rapaciously curious,” while the New York Times deemed it “voracious, omnivorous, and playful.” Najafi has curated the exhibitions “Philosophical Toys” at Apex Art, 2005; “The Museum of Projective Personality Testing” at Manifesta 7, Trento, 2008; “Odd Lots: Revisiting Gordon Matta-Clark’s Fake Estates” at White Columns and Queens Museum of Art, 2005; and the traveling exhibition The Paper Sculpture Show, 2003-2007. He has taught at Cooper Union, Yale, and RISD, and has degrees in Comparative Literature from Princeton, Columbia, and NYU.

A few possible films:

Lars von Trier, Melancholia (Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, 2011), 130 minutes
Maya Deren (produced posthumously by Teiji Itō and Cherel Winett Itō), Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti (Haiti, 1985), 52 minutes
Harun Farocki, Bilder der Welt und Inschrift des Krieges (West Germany, 1989), 75 minutes
Chris Marker, Sans Soleil (1983, Japan/Guinea-Bissau), 100 minutes
Errol Morris, Fast, Cheap and Out of Control (USA, 1997), 80 minutes
Andrei Tarkovsky, Andrei Rublev (Андрей Рублёв) (Soviet Union, 1966), 205 minutes
Andrei Tarkovsky, Nostalghia (Ностальгия) (Italy, Russia, 1992), 125 minutes
Andrei Tarkovsky, The Sacrifice (Offret) (UK, France, Sweden, 1986), 149 minutes
Andrei Tarkovsky, Stalker (West Germany/Soviet Union, 1979), 163 minutes
Werner Herzog, Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Canada, USA, France, Germany, UK, 2010), 89 minutes
Victor Erice, The Spirit of the Beehive (El espíritu de la colmena) (Spain, 1973), 97 minutes Charlie Chaplin, City Lights (United States, 1931), 87 minutes

* * *