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CT+CR announces competitive scholarships for 2013 on Art & Education

Pass this test and win an $11,725 scholarship to an exciting, new graduate program!*

(hint: it’s about time)

Challenge: Critique two of the images below, stationary or moving. One of your critiques must be written, 150 words maximum, while the other can take a visual or mixed visual-verbal form
What we’re looking for: Critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, acuity, nuance, sense-based intelligence, powers of extrapolation, ethical vision, and innovative combinations of aesthetic and socio-political critique

*Applicants must fulfill all requirements for admission to the CT+CR Program. Download the Application Checklist by clicking the Apply button to the right of this post. Please e-mail your critiques in the form of a PDF to admissions@pnca.edu, using “MA CT+CR: Your Name, Art-edu” as the subject line for your message as well as the title of the PDF document

About the MA in Critical Theory and Creative Research
CT+CR seeks to help forge a discipline that does for the new relations obtaining between words, images, and objects what the field of rhetoric accomplished for language; to unify the major strands of critical theory, revivifying it as a powerful tool of criticism and critique; and to create new ways of understanding, situating, and configuring knowledge and research in the new century. If you would like to know more, please contact Founding Co-chairs Anne-Marie Oliver (503-236-0345; amoliver@pnca.edu) and Barry Sanders (626-826-2222; bsanders@pnca.edu)

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Row 1

Oliver Brodwolf and Florian Dombois, Sonification of Tohoku Earthquake, Japan
via YouTube

Christian Boltanski, No Man’s Land
via The New York Times

Guillermo Vargas Jiménez, Eres Lo Que Lees (You Are What You Read)
via Critical Frameworks

Row 2

Agnes Denes, Wheatfield-A Confrontation
via Greenmuseum

Keith Mayerson, Ode to Falling Man
via Eyes Towards the Dove

Invisible Octopus
via YouTube

Row 3

David Attenborough, Lyre Bird
via YouTube

Video of Bruce Nauman’s MAPPING THE STUDIO II (Fat Chance John Cage) at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago
via YouTube

Xu Zhen, The Starving of Sudan
via Art in America

Row 4

Atta Kim, ON-AIR Project 110-7/ Long Exposure Series
via Atta Kim

Patricia Piccinini, The Young Family
via Patricia Piccinini

Jake & Dinos Chapman, Insult to Injury
via The Guardian

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