Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies


CT+CR @ Spring Focus Week 2013

ctcr thesis orals

Please join us for the thesis oral presentations of candidates for the MA in CRITICAL THEORY + CREATIVE RESEARCH

PNCA Main Building
CT+CR Headquarters (Room 204)


Monday, April 29
1:30-3:30: Dustin Freemont, Bitcoin and the Monetization of Code
3:30-5:30: Hannah Horovitz, Ethics, Aesthetics, and Identity in the Local Foods Movement

Tuesday, April 30
10:30-12:30: Kevin Smith, What’s the Matter with Painting?
12:30-1:30: LUNCH
1:30-3:30: Mohammed Usrof, The Invisible Image: Towards a Relational Aesthetics of Touch
3:30-5:30: Carmen Denison, Photography and Accusation

Wednesday, May 1
10:30-12:30: Peter Falanga, The New Sincerity and the Courage of Woody Allen
12:30-1:30: LUNCH
1:30-3:30: Chloé Womack, Why we still want to create our culture instead of just buying it: The Self-determined Artist and the Alternative Space
3:30-5:30: Marshall Astor, The Black Shack

Thursday, May 2
10:30-12:30: Andre Fortes, Notes from Acre: Painting with the Ashaninka
12:30-1:30: LUNCH
1:30-3:30: Mel Ponis, The Aesthetics of Dissolution: A Critique of Insurrectionary Anarchist Practice
3:30-5:30: Lauren Heagerty, Edgework: Reclaiming Risk through Art for At-Risk Youth

Friday, May 3
10:30-12:30: Val Hardy, Agritecture: The Aesthetics of Departure
12:30-1:30: LUNCH
1:30-3:30: Brooke Wendt, Instagram and the New Self-Portrait
3:30-5:30: Evangelina Owens, The Blur in Contemporary Photography

* * *