MFA Visual Studies


Another Way of Telling: Shokoufeh Alizadeh

Apr 04, 2018 – Apr 27, 2018

An exhibition that reaches out to other people to involve them in talking about alienating experiences. It navigates around how we operate in the world while facing trauma and challenging the general understanding of beauty and value by using gold as abject and fine patterning as an oppressive element.

Paul Mpagi Sepuya Lecture

Apr 26, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

MFA Visual Studies is excited to welcome New York based Paul Mpagi Sepuya as part of their Visiting Artist Lecture Series.

Paul Mpagi Sepuya’s color photographs demonstrate his active engagement with the history and process of portraiture, as well as his experiments with framing, cropping, and editing. Sepuya portrays young men in his community, making visible the relationships and intimacy between himself and his subjects. By inviting his subjects into his studio space, Sepuya adds his presence to the photographs, even from behind the camera. His naturalistic photographs capture friends, male nudes, and life in the studio. Often Sepuya arranges and re-photographs his prints, collaging two-dimensional works with the objects and people around him. This gesture depicts the artist’s studio as a site where life and art intersect.