Current MFA CD Students

Colin Cheong

Colin’s professional career spans all facets of the creative industries, ranging from production management to graphic design and from theatre performances to strategic consultancy.

Fundamental to his practice is collaboration across all disciplines.Indeed, he believes that transdisciplinary scholarship cultivates empathy and the imagination of being the “other”. Through this platform, he aims to incite, inspire and instigate innovation in community and society.

He acknowledges and loves the power of food and photography.

BA National University of Singapore, Theatre Studies and English Language.

Celina Coppetti

Celina Coppetti is a painter, sculptor, and urban gardening enthusiast. She is currently interested in the intersection between hands-on making, sustainable life skills, and community-building, and aims to provide makers and tinkerers with a place to play and grow. Celina brings experience in design, marketing and branding, and education. She holds a B.A. in Studio Art from Humboldt State University.

Matthew McCasland

Matthew McCasland is trained in the art of graphic design and narrative. A philosophically driven cultural participant and observer. His approach is that of mindfully disruptive design theory and praxis. His masters thesis focuses on disruptive design interventions for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Matthew holds a B.S. in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of California – San Diego.

Joel Newman

Joel is a craftsman and designer interested in sustainability, creative reuse and design for longevity and repair. He thinks planned obsolecense is no fun at all. Interests and experience range from painting to bicycle design and fabrication. He earned a B.A. in Studio Art from Lewis and Clark College.

Amanda Schurr

Amanda Schurr is a pop culture editor/journalist from the Southeast who holds a B.A. in Film Theory/Criticism from New College of Florida. She is pursuing research on the future of place- and time-asynchronous work. She is working toward an M.F.A. in pursuit of a “dare-to-be-great situation,” and maybe easing back on the movie quotes. Maybe.

Michelle Vorce

Michelle Vorce is an artist / designer who works across disciplines mixing traditional and digital mediums. Her process balances creative and analytical thinking to facilitate a visual language that translates ideas through communication, design, illustration, print, and language. Michelle is interested in the cultural and economic significance of design in our contemporary, tactile, and digital world. She holds a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from University of Montevallo.

Victoria Wells

Victoria Wells is a mixed media artist whose passion is interdisciplinary art in the field of Art-Sci. An aspiring futurist, Victoria aims to make information accessible through collaboration. She has been creative director, teacher, artist-in-residence, and marketing director. Victoria holds a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence where she studied experimental video and sound, and STEM.

To view her work, please go to

Asa Wright

Asa Wright is Klamath/Modoc from Southern Oregon, but Portland has been home for fifthteen years. Asa is an artist of many mediums, with ten years experience in the field of public health. Asa is now combining passions for art, design and social change, by designing interventions for the chronic tribal housing crisis in Indian Country. Cultural Preservation is the foundation of all Asa’s work. Asa holds a B.S. in Public Health from Portland State University.

Luke Zimmerman

Luke Zimmerman is an artist, teacher, father and lover of good company! Luke is pursuing his MFA to better understand how he can participate in, and contribute to, generative community. To develop tools to help us all have better, broader conversations and have those conversations with the “others” we do not see or would prefer to exclude. Luke studied at Gage Academy of the Arts and holds a B.A. in Arts and humanities from Linfield College.