Make+Think+Code is a research studio and lab at the intersection of art, science, technology, and design.


Make+Think+Code is a technology-focussed lab at the Pacific Northwest College of Art that brings together members of Portland's vibrant creative, tech, civic, and educational communities to explore the powerful role that creativity and technology play in the search for imaginative and impactful solutions to complex and urgent problems. 

Our programming emphasizes experimentation with emerging technologies, (digital) fabrication and prototyping, creative coding, data science, systems-thinking, the internet of things and smart technologies, creative entrepreneurship, STEAM pedagogy, and privacy and security. We offer workshops, institutes, symposia, and hackathons/challenges directed at a diverse professional community excited to create meaningful connections, impact, and experiences. Our curriculum is interdisciplinary, project-based, and emphasizes collaborative problem-solving in cross-disciplinary teams.

Make+Think+Code emphasizes research and collaboration, preparing a diverse community to actively engage as citizens and to succeed in our growing local, regional and national creative technology industries. We emphasize a 21st Century model of education that supports life-long learning, and fosters a culture of inclusion and equity, emphasizing collaborations and partnerships between and across industry, government, and academic and cultural institutions to create a supportive ecosystem of individuals and organisations. We are passionate about increasing diversity and equity in and access to technology and design industries. Our programming supports an inclusive community of learners --- from a variety of disciplines, cultures, generations, experience, and expertise --- and we strongly believe this diversity leads to more exciting and impactful applications and ideas.

The Lab provides the catalyst to build and foster a culture of peer-learning, cross-disciplinary collaborations, and mentoring and ensures access to technology and expertise to the community. Make+Think+Code will develop a diverse and inclusive community of students and professionals fluent in current and future technologies prepared to succeed and thrive in a networked world with ever-changing and ubiquitous technology. 

In collaboration with community partners, we work on innovative STEAM curriculum and pedagogy, and design and host exciting STEAM programs for K-12 students as well as professional development institutes for educators​.​

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