Winter Light Festival

Make+Think+Code and PNCA are delighted to be community affiliate partners/site for the Portland Winter Light Festival.   

Feb 1-3, 2018.  
511 NW Broadway on Thursday, 6pm

Come by our beautiful building at Feb 1, 2018 to play with the magical interactive light pieces, and experience wonderful performances and vr installations. Installations will be up through Saturday, Feb 3, 2018 at 9pm. Artists involved include students, staff, alumni, faculty, and community members of PNCA and Make+Think+Code.

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  • The Pattern - Giuliano Bruno
    A projected looping slideshow of surface patterns made from magazine collage.
  • Snowflakes - Nicole Elaine
    A few unique, hand-cut snowflakes fall gently before amassing into an unstoppable blizzard. Rear projection stop-motion animation with digital effects.
  • Ghost Gradients - Marin Vesely
    Mask off. A rear projection installation best viewed from the parking lot.
  • Carried History - Darrell Rossman
    GuerillaBeam - portable flashlight slide projectors armed with slides from strangers’ normal lives. The present is based on even the smallest details from the past. 3D-printed in the Make + Think + Code lab.
  • Hidden Sources - Darrell Rossman
    Strangers’ heartbeats streamed live. The most intimate of data. Open source hardware monitors from Protocentral:
  • Dyad - Damien Dawahare & Mert Kocabagli
    In the metaphor of arithmetic, the dyad reveals itself as the door between the one and the many, between the monad and all other numbers.
  • Conscilience - Reese Bowes
  • Cameraceps - Jesse England
    Recently obsolete imaging devices are forced to look outward as a hidden function is awakened via immobilizing transformation.
  • Dappled Light - Ashley Massett
    Paintings augmented with projection
  • Elsewhere; Star House - Phoenix McNamara and Aaron De Lanty
    A multisensory experience that whisks you away from the gray to a wedge of rainbow solitude. It's fluffy and glowy.
  • Untitled (decimate) - Ryan Woodring
    Back image projecting student gifs from upper windows of PNCA of border walls crumbling.
  • She flies with her own wings - Mallary Wilson
    Wings are installed on an open wall while images project upon them. People are encouraged to stand in the space provided in-between the wings.
  • Rainbow in the Dark - Serenity Ibsen
    Prismatic shapes for daytime rainbow illumination and possible evening.
  • Tactography 2.0 - Shannon Willis
    Sensual video and sound installation.
  • Reflect / Reflecting / Reflected - Michael Rogers (with local artist Paul Sutfin)
    An immersive experience featuring the Carbon Light Painting and music of Paul Sutfin, with words written and performed by Michael Rogers.
  • Iridescence - Monica McGrane
    Film: There is a scientifically proven relationship between the appearance of the Polar Auroras and fluctuations in global climate. In an effort to bring attention to the severity of climate change, this collaborative film focuses on the auroras as one of the many beautiful, natural wonders that could be lost if we don’t act fast. The narration was graciously provided and performed by Shea Glover from her spoken word poem If Only.
  • Axiom - Monica McGrane
    An interactive experimental installation made using Processing and a Kinect sensor and then reflected on mylar.
  • Push - Zack Marlow-McCarthy
    An interactive depth-sensitive installation
  • New Mobility - Jeremy Rotsztain
    Software-generated animation, 2018
  • The Corridor of Light Fantastique - Marilyn Zornado, Steph Dickerson, Nico Filoseta, Jen Irving, Irene Ramirez, Lindsey Rhoads, marguerite Rischiotto, Maya Summers, Isabelle Udo, Keith Wallach, Mallary Wilson, Steven Xue.
    With three projectors, a projection-mapped cube, an illuminated tent and a prism of dancing light particles, a dozen students from the Communication Design Department have collaborated to bring the PNCA Design Corridor to life with lively light, color, and music. Each student has contributed their unique vision of 'The Light of Progress' with imagery from the past, present and imagined future.
  • Be Still, My Low Poly Heart - Ben Purdy
    LED installation.
  • Neverthesamecolor - Justin Patrizi
    A study of the oddities inherent in early color television signals, manipulating phase of encoded picture signals to force the divergence of color from light. The effect is reminiscent of the haze and warm afterglow of nostalgia compared to the harsh sharpness of the high definition present.
  • Vroomen Lumens - Ali Ongaro
    An exploration of light, form & movement using the means of projection to augment spatial perception. This form of augmented reality allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the design experience in a physical space.
  • City Builds Itself - Giuliano Bruno
    Virtual Reality installation HTC Vive Headset located in the MTC lab (or anywhere else). The VR paintings address ideas of how we relate to natural and urban environments.