Sloppy Craft Features Anne Wilson and Panelists

A term coined by Anne Wilson at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, “sloppy craft” is described by craft theorist Glenn Adamson as the “unkempt” product of a “post-disciplinary craft education.”

Join Anne Wilson, Wilson’s former student Josh Faught (University of Oregon), Nan Curtis (Pacific Northwest College of Art), local artist Jessica Jackson Hutchins and Namita Gupta Wiggers to discuss this rising—and controversial—approach to conceptual craft practice.

This conversation takes place in preparation for a related exhibition co-curated by Josh Faught, assistant professor and program coordinator of fibers, University of Oregon; and Namita Gupta Wiggers, curator, Museum of Contemporary Craft. Sloppy Craft is scheduled to exhibit at the Museum during the 2010–2011 exhibition season.

Lecture | Craft Dialogue: Sloppy Craft
Featuring Anne Wilson
1–3 p.m. Saturday, October 10
PNCA Main Campus Building, Swigert Commons, 1241 N.W. Johnson St.

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Portland Galleries Celebrate PNCA

During October, Portland’s vibrant gallery scene overflows with artists from the PNCA community including students, alumni, faculty and faculty emeriti. Thank you to all of the galleries for their continued support and for celebrating PNCA’s Centennial, 1909-2009.

For complete show information; please contact individual galleries.

Download the “PNCA=100 Inside/Outside—All Around Town brochure”:

*23 Sandy Gallery*
623 NE 23rd Ave
Group Show: “Broadsided! The Intersection of Art and Literature”
Artist: Malini Gupta ’05

*Augen Gallery*
716 NW Davis St
Group Show: “Honoring PNCA Alumni”
Artists: George Johanson ’50; Sally Cleveland ’81; Terry Waldron ‘92; Morgan Walker ’93; Jef Gunn; Stan Wood ’71

*Beppu Wiarda Gallery*
319 NW Ninth Ave
“New Work–Mixed Media on Canvas”
Artist: Deborah Gillis ’95

*Blackfish Gallery*
420 NW Ninth Ave
Group Show:  Work by PNCA Alumni & Faculty
Artists: Lynda Ater ’01; Barbara Black ’84; Tori Bryer Board Member; Jana Demartini, Former Faculty; Paul Missal, Faculty; Angela Passalacqua ’88; Eric Rue ’05; Sue Tower ’82; Judith Wyss ’81

*Butters Gallery*
520 NW Davis St
“PNCA at 100: Jeffrey Butters”
Artist: Jeffery Butters ’90

*Charles A Hartman Fine Art*
134 NW Eighth Ave
“Hayley Barker: Chimeras”
Artist: Hayley Barker, Faculty

*Elizabeth Leach Gallery*
417 NW Ninth Avenue
“Written from Exile”
Artist: Ryan Pierce, Faculty

*Fourteen30 Contemporary*
1430 SE Third Ave
“Nan Curtis + Nicolaii Dornstauder: In conjunction with the Centennial Celebrations of PNCA”
Artists: Nan Curtis, Faculty; Nicolaii Dornstauder ’09

*Froelick Gallery*
714 NW Davis St
“Tom Prochaska & Claudio Tschopp”
Artist: Tom Prochaska, Faculty

*Launch Pad Gallery*
534 SE Oak St
Group Show: “Family”
Artists: Justinian Frey ’94; Carolina Medina-Dupaix ’04; Jason Kappus

*Laura Russo Gallery*
805 NW 21st Ave
Group Show: “PNCA Alumni”
Artists: Jay Backstrand ’61; Marlene Bauer ’76; Michael Brophy ’85; Louis Bunce, Faculty Emeritus; Sean Cain ’94; Tom Cramer ’82; Chris Gander ’86; William Givler, Former Dean; Roll Hardy ’02; Manuel Izquierdo ’51, Faculty Emeritus; Jackie Johnson ’74; Mary Josephson ’86; Lucinda Parker ’66; Jack Portland ’71; Jan Reaves; Eric Stotik ’85; Margot Voorhies Thompson ’84; Sherrie Wolf ’74

*Museum of Contemporary Craft–Exhibition Space*
724 NW Davis St
Group Show: “Call + Response”
Artists: David Eckard, Faculty; Anne Marie Oliver, Faculty

*NEMO Headquarters*
1875 SE Belmont St
“Off the Clock”
Artist: Andrea Paustenbaugh ’06

*Onda Gallery – Lake Oswego*
Group Show: “Celebrating Art and Nature - National Wildlife Refuge Week Kickoff”
Artist: Susan Jensen ’81

*PNCA Hybrid Gallery*
indigo @ twelve | west; 430 SW 13th Ave

Group Show: “Possible Progress in Body Relations”
Artists: Alexander Ian Smith ’11; Chad Hinman ’10; Taryn Tomasello ’12; Lacy Davis ’10; Robert Burns ’10; Sokhun Keo ’10; Sarah Johnson ’09; and Brennan Broome ’11

*PDX Contemporary Gallery*
925 NW Flanders St
“Across the Hall: In Honor of PNCA @ 100”
Artist: Derek Franklin ’09; Molly Vidor ’94

*Pulliam Gallery*
929 NW Flanders St

Artists: Kay French ’86; Linda Hutchins ’88; George Johanson ’50; Paula Overbay ’75; Yoshihiro Kitai, Faculty; Raul J. Mendez ’97; G. Lewis Clevenger ’73

*Tribute Gallery at Everett Station Lofts*
328 NW Broadway #117

“Se(xxy) Plastic”
Artists: Adrienne Butzer ’07, Seth A. Leamer ’07

*Mark Woolley and ANKA Gallery*
325 NW Sixth Ave

“All in the Family”
Artists: Melinda Thorsnes ’71; Diane Avio-Augee ’80; Emery Hinkley ’90; Brigitte Dortmund ’92; Nancy Franzino; Miles Cleveland Goodwin ’07; Julia Stoops; Stuart Cornell ’97; Tamara English ’04; Ed King ’04; Rachel Denny ’97; Michael T. Hensley ’95; Rachael Allen ’03

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PNCA the Focus of OPB's Oregon Art Beat October 8

In honor of the PNCA’s Centennial academic year, the College is the focus of Oregon Art Beat‘s first episode of the season. Former faculty member “Lucinda Parker ‘66”:, current BFA faculty member “Paul Missal”: and alumnus “Ty Ennis ‘06”: will be featured. View the episode Thursday, October 8 at 8pm on OPB TV. Episode repeats Sunday, October 11 at 6pm. “Read more.”:

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MFA in Visual Studies Presents Martin Kersels

The MFA in Visual Studies program presents Los-Angeles-based artist Martin Kersels in a free, public lecture at 6:30 p.m. Thursday October 8, part of PNCA’s Graduate Visiting Artists Lecture Series.

Los Angeles-based artist Martin Kersels has long used art as a forum for wrestling with the limitations and possibilities of being a fully embodied, sentient and emotional being.

He employs a range of media, from sculpture and photography to video and performance. He has worked on staff at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the UCLA Art Department, and currently serves as a faculty member and co-director of the art program at the California Institute of the Arts. 

Kersel’s work has been featured in exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, the J. Paul Getty Museum and ACME in Los Angeles, Deitch Projects in New York, and the Galerie Georges-Phillipe and Nathalie Vallois in Paris. His pieces are in the public collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art 
and the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, La Reina Sofia in Madrid, and the Musée National d’Art Moderne Centre Pompidou in Paris.  

MFA in Visual Studies Lecture | Martin Kersels
6:30 p.m. Thursday, October 8 | The Lab at Museum of Contemporary Craft, 724 N.W. Davis St.

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Etsy Participates in PNCA–CYAN/PDX Cultural Residency Series

PNCA welcomes Etsy’s Matt Stinchcomb for the PNCA-CYAN/PDX Cultural Residency Series, including a public lecture and a range of interactions with the PNCA community.

Portland’s DIY culture continues to be recognized internationally as a central hub of the American DIY movement, celebrated as a collective of creative talent with a progressive approach to the entrepreneurial spirit. Presented by the PNCA–CYAN/PDX Cultural Residency Series.

Salon | Digitally Building the DIY Community
Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade
A Conversation with Matt Stinchcomb of Etsy
5:30 p.m. Wednesday, October 7
CYAN/PDX, 1720 S.W. Fourth Ave.

A Gerding Edlen Project with Pacific Northwest College of Art. Part of the PNCA– CYAN/PDXCultural Residency Series.

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MFA in Visual Studies Lecture: Ward Shelley

Brooklyn-based artist Ward Shelley delivers the first lecture presented by the MFA in Visual Studies program. Shelley specializes in large-scale projects that freely mix sculpture and performance. Over the last five years, Shelley has concentrated on bizarre functioning architectural pieces in which he lives and works during the exhibition, monitored with live surveillance video equipment. His works are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Brooklyn Art Museum, and The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art. This lecture took place at Museum of Contemporary Craft on September 24, 2009. Listen to a Podcast of “Ward Shelley”:

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PNCA Hosts University of Iowa International Writing Program

This year for the first time PNCA will be hosting five writers through the International Writing Program, which since its founding in 1967 at the University of Iowa, has brought together more than 1,000 rising and established literary stars from 120 countries to develop a community of writing to enhance international understanding.

The writers’ week at PNCA is organized by PNCA faculty member and writer-in-residence Barry Sanders and includes both immersion in the campus curriculum along with collaborative public programming. The experience provides writers from around the world with a sense of American innovation and openness, and exposes U.S. readers, writers, and artists to international perspectives on the art and process of writing.

Participating writers include: Fflur Dafydd, a novelist, literary critic and musician from Wales; Soheil Najm, a poet from Iraq; Osman Conteh, a novelist from Sierra Leone; Fedosy Santaella, a fiction writer from Venezuela; and Lijia Zhang, a nonfiction writer from China.

Don’t miss the first event, hosted by PNCA:

Reading + Reception | 6:30 p.m. Monday, October 5
PNCA Main Campus Building, Swigert Commons, 1241 N.W. Johnson St.

Download the “International Writing Program at PNCA schedule (PDF)”: for a full list of events and visiting writers’ bios.

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MFA in Visual Studies Presents Artist Ward Shelley

Join PNCA’s MFA in Visual Studies Program for the kickoff of its lecture series with an intimate lecture by artist Ward Shelley, 6:30 p.m. Thursday, September 24 in the Lab at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, 724 N.W. Davis St.

Brooklyn-based artist Ward Shelley specializes in large-scale projects that freely mix sculpture and performance. Over the last five years, Shelley has concentrated on bizarre functioning architectural pieces in which he lives and works during the exhibition, monitored with live surveillance video equipment.

Shelley also works with the collaborative artist group BBS and talented young artists such as Douglas Paulson and Alex Schweder, with whom he realized the monumental Flatland project at New York’s SculptureCenter in 2007. His works are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Brooklyn Art Museum, and The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art.

MFA in Visual Studies Lecture | “Ward Shelley”:
6:30 p.m. Thursday, September 24 | The Lab at Museum of Contemporary Craft, 724 N.W. Davis St.

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Craft Conversation: David Eckard and Anne Marie Oliver

Don’t miss an exciting opportunity to discuss the dynamic work included in the Museum of Contemporary Craft’s exhibit Call + Response with PNCA Faculty David Eckard and Anne Marie Oliver, 1 p.m. Saturday, September 26 at the Museum, 724 N.W. Davis St.

Anne Marie Oliver, Assistant Professor of Intermedia and contemporary art theory, Pacific Northwest College of Art, and David Eckard, Chair of the Sculpture Department and Instructor in Foundation and Intermedia departments, Pacific Northwest College of Art will discuss the collaborative process they engaged in for Call + Response.

Drawing on the musical concept of “call and response,” this project provides a rare platform for artists and art historians to engage with each with other in vibrant conversation. A multi-layered exhibition, Call + Response features diverse works by eight pairs of art and art history faculty members from colleges and universities who have taught in Oregon for roughly ten years or less.

Through multimedia content, contextual writing, the presentation of studio works and public programs, this intriguing project celebrates and provokes the recent influx of ideas brought to Oregon by these faculty members – who are breaking ground within their fields nationally and internationally. In effect, Call + Response considers what role these individuals, and their institutions, play within the state’s shifting creative landscape.

Learn more about Call + Response at the exhibition microsite:

Committed to the advancement of craft since 1937, Museum of Contemporary Craft is one of Oregon’s oldest cultural institutions. Centrally located in Portland’s Pearl District, the Museum is nationally acclaimed for its curatorial program and is a vibrant center for investigation and dialogue, expanding the defi nition of craft and the way audiences experience it. Visit the Museum online at

Special Event | Craft Conversation: David Eckard and Anne Marie Oliver
Saturday, September 26, 1 p.m. | Museum of Contemporary Craft, 724 N.W. Davis St.

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Printmaker Zha Sai Exhibits New Work

Chinese printmaker Zha Sai exhibits her woodcuts in an exhibition entitled “Rhythm of the Shadows” at PNCA’s Print/Photo Gallery from September 21 through October 9. Image: The Sway of the Shadow, 2006, reduction woodcut, 11.4” x 11.4”

Her work is strongly influenced by the natural environment. She lives in Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei Province in Central China. Although it is a large city with a population of nearly 14 million people, it is surrounded by forests and lakes and is still known as “The Place of a Thousand Lakes”. She is also influenced by music, especially the music of Antonín Dvořák. From these inspirations she has made compelling work in the form of reduction woodcuts.

Zha Sai comes to the Northwest under the auspices of Art Partners, a two-artist collaboration comprised of Seattle artists Cathe Gill and Barbara Pitt that has promoted artist exchanges since 1999 with artists from China, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Kuwait. Her exhibition here is an initiative of the Printmaking Department at PNCA.

Lecture | Zha Sai
12:30 Monday, October 5
PNCA Main Campus Building, Swigert Commons, 1241 N.W. Johnson St.

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Memorial for Manuel Izquierdo

A public memorial will be held in honor of former Faculty Emeritus Manuel Izquierdo on Saturday, September 26, from 4-6 p.m. at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Swigert Commons, 1241 N.W. Johnson Street in Portland.

All are welcome to attend.

Learn more about “Manuel Izquierdo”:

Read the Oregonian’s “Manuel Izquierdo, 1925-2009: an appreciation”: by D.K. Row.

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September Shows of Note

Don’t miss these exciting art shows featuring work by Pacific Northwest College of Art “alumni”: through September.

And get ready, as Portland-area and Portland Art Dealers Association galleries celebrate PNCA’s Centennial with a range of “openings”: in October.

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Public Art/Public Parks Lecture

What is public art? How does it happen? How can I experience it?

Please join us for a casual conversation about public art with special guests Eloise Damrosch, Executive Director of the Regional Arts and Culture Council (“RACC”:, and Portland-based artist and PNCA faculty member Victor Maldonado as they discuss Portland’s rich legacy of public art.

Be the first to see a new map created by Maldonado—a walking map of public art featuring work by PNCA faculty and alumni in celebration of the College’s Centennial year. Receive a copy of the Public Art Walking Tour Map, produced by RACC and “Travel Portland”:

Lecture | Public Art/Public Parks
5:30 p.m. Wednesday, September 23
“CYAN/PDX”:, Amenities Room, 1720 S.W. Fourth Avenue

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PNCA in The Oregonian

Read more about two exciting new PNCA projects as recently featured in The Oregonian. “Pacific Northwest College of Art and Museum of Contemporary Craft finalize joint agreement”: is DK Row’s report on the formal operations agreement between PNCA and MoCC. Meanwhile, in “Design the wall, build the wall”:, Barry Johnson ruminates on the launch of the new MFA in Applied Craft and Design, jointly offered by PNCA and Oregon College of Art and Craft, and the build-out led by design/build expert Steve Badanes.

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Deborah Hopkinson Wins Oregon Book Award

Deborah Hopkinson, PNCA’s VP for College Advancement, is the winner of the Eloise Jarvis McGraw Award for Children’s Literature, a part of the prestigious Oregon Book Awards, it was announced today. She received the award in honor of her book Keep On! The Story of Matthew Henson, Co-discoverer of the North Pole (Peach Tree).

The Oregon Book Awards, sponsored by Literary Arts, are presented annually for the finest accomplishments by Oregon writers. A finalist for the awards three times, this is Deborah’s first win. She was selected as the only finalist in her category, a significant honor.

“Read more about the Oregon Book Awards.”:

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The Time-Based Art (TBA) Festival is Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s annual convergence of contemporary performance, dance, music, new media and visual arts projects in Portland, Oregon.

In collaboration with PICA, Pacific Northwest College of Art co-hosted a series of noontime chats with festival artists and members of the creative community, along with two exhibitions by “Brian Lund”: and “Robert Boyd”:, on view at the Feldman Gallery through October 24. In addition recent alumni Tyler Wallace ‘09 and Nicole Dill ‘09 presented a mobile performance and outdoor video installation, “Between Us”: Art collective “The Oregon Painting Society”: presented a performance at The Works. Members include PNCA alumni Jason Traeger ‘08, Liam Drain ‘08, Barbara Kinzle ‘08, Brenna Murphy ‘09 and current PNCA student Julia Perry ‘10. Faculty member Stephen Slappe presented a web project and installation, “We Are Legion”: Ethan Rose, who will present a collaborative installation with glass artist Andy Paiko at the “Museum of Contemporary Craft”: in November, presented an installation of music boxes. The work of Slappe and Rose will be “on view at The Works”: through October 18.

Photo by Heather Zinger ‘10

“Visit PNCA’s Flickr page”: or photos of TBA:09 events at PNCA, and works by PNCA faculty and alumni.

“Listen to audio podcasts of TBA:09 Noontime Chats at PNCA.”:

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Opening: Public Art on MAX Green Line

Join PNCA and TriMet in celebrating public art along the Mall segment of the new MAX Green Line, featuring work by PNCA faculty and alumni.

Participating PNCA artists include Daniel Duford, Chris Gander, Emily Ginsburg and Bob Hanson.

Meet many of the artists, then begin a walking tour of 13 new works and 10 re-installed sculptures along Southwest Fifth and Sixth Avenues between Union Station and Portland State University. A number of the artists will be stationed near their sculptures and available to answer questions.

Special Event | 4:30-6:30 p.m. Wednesday, September 16
Reception begins at the Mall Field Office (245 N.W. Fifth Ave.) - 4:30 p.m.
Welcome and remarks - 4:45 p.m.
Walking tour - 5:00-6:30 p.m.

Space is limited, please R.S.V.P. to or call 503-962-2244.

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PICA TBA@PNCA creates a unique forum for artists, designers and creative thinkers to explore this dynamic festival and push contemporary art forward.

Don’t miss the last upcoming PICA TBA@PNCA events:

“Inside/Outside: Back to Back Theatre”: on September 11

“Theme and Variation: Raimund Hoghe”: on September 12

“PICA’s TBA Festival”: ends September 14.

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MFA in Applied Craft and Design Lecture: Steve Badanes

Renowned design build specialist Steve Badanes delivers the first lecture presented by the MFA in Applied Craft and Design, a joint program offered by Oregon College of Art and Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Badanes is a founding member of Jersey Devil, a design/build practice specializing in innovative and energy-efficient structures. He is also a Professor at the University of Washington in the Department of Architecture.

This lecture took place in the MFA in Applied Craft and Design Studios at the Bison Building, Portland, Oregon on September 2, 2009.

Listen to a Podcast of “Steve Badanes”:

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MFA Studio Open House

Join Oregon College of Art and Craft and PNCA for a public studio open house and a performance by Grammy-nominated alt-country singer Tift Merritt, celebrating the launch of the joint MFA degree program.

Merritt creates “a uniquely satisfying stew of rock and roll, soul, folk and country,” according to her fan site. Her 2008 album Another Country garnered four stars by the British music magazine MOJO.

The MFA in Applied Craft and Design is a unique graduate program designed for students eager to explore the fusion of tradition, innovation, and practice, with design theory and hands-on making. The event will showcase the collaborative efforts of its students, who built their own studio space with renowned design/build specialist Steve Badanes, founding member of Jersey Devil.

Learn more about the program through the eyes of its students—visit the “MFA in Applied Craft and Design blogs”:

MFA Studio Open House and Celebration
8 p.m. Saturday, September 12
MFA in Applied Craft and Design Studios @ The Bison Building
421 N.E. 10th Ave. and Glisan St.

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