Bravo Alumni - May 2017

Check out the newest updates from PNCA Alumni, which includes at least three newly published books, job changes, expanding families, performances and projects, symphonic collaborations, official portraits, articles in The New York Times, and so so much more. You alumni are an impressive bunch.

Apr 28, 2017

Bravo Alumni - March 2017

Every other month, we highlight achievements and updates from PNCA's alumni community. Looking at the not-so-brief list below, it's very clear that PNCA alumni are impressive, productive, and involved. They are opening new and experimental art places, discovering and presenting new ways of living and working, exhibiting broadly, and contributing to national critical dialog about art and design in our lives. Families are expanding, careers are growing, and collaborations launching or continuing. Read on to be inspired!

Feb 27, 2017