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PNCA Student Wins Film Prize

PNCA student Anthony Hudson took the top prize in a recent film contest sponsored by the Northwest Health Foundation. His PSA “Oregon Public Health & Zombies”: earned Anthony a cash prize and an opportunity to meet with film directory Gus Van Sant.

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2010 International Writing Program

This year, PNCA hosts five writers through the International Writing Program, which since its founding in 1967 at the University of Iowa, has brought together more than 1,000 rising and established literary stars from 120 countries to develop a community of writing to enhance international understanding.

The writers’ week at PNCA includes both immersion in the campus curriculum along with collaborative public programming. The experience provides writers from around the world with a sense of American innovation and openness, and exposes U.S. readers, writers, and artists to international perspectives on the art and process of writing. Participating writers include:

Maxine Case, South Africa; Laura Fish, England; Eduardo Halfon, Guatemala; Farangis Siahpoor, Iran; Tang Ling, China.

For this project PNCA engages cultural and educational partnerships across the city including Marylhurst University, Portland State University, Tin House, Wordstock and World Affairs Council of Oregon.

Public Events include:

Tuesday, September 28, 12 pm
Old Library, Marylhurst University

A reading at Marylhurst University by the five visiting writers.

Wednesday, September 29, 4 pm
The Lab at Museum of Contemporary Craft

The Salt Bag: A Lesson in Cultural Diplomacy
Christopher Merrill, director of the International Writing Program, describes the kinds of encounters, small and large, that a diplomat faces in simply visiting other countries and cultures.

Thursday, September 30, 5:45 pm
Smith Memorial Building, Room 236 (Cascade Room)

Home and A Way: International Writing Today is a roundtable discussion with the five visiting writers, moderated by Tim DuRoche of the World Affairs Council of Oregon.

Friday, October 1, 6:30 pm
Swigert Commons, PNCA Main Campus Building

The highlight of the week-long visit by five international writers is a public reading and reception that is also the kick-off event of this year’s Wordstock festival.

International Writers Project Visiting Writers

Maxine Case is a fiction and nonfiction writer from South Africa. She has written for a number of publications including Real Simple, Reader’s Digest and O Magazine. In 2007 her debut novel All We Have Left Unsaid won the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best First Book in Africa, as well as the Herman Charles Bosman Award. She is now attending the graduate program in nonfiction at the New School in New York, where she will be working on a family story that reaches back to the 1700’s.

Laura Fish is a fiction writer from England with over a decade of experience working with the BBC News on both broadcast television and radio. She is the author of the novels Flight of Black Swans (1995) and Strange Music (2008), the later being listed for the 2009 Orange Prize, and nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. She currently holds the RCUK Academic Fellowship in Creative Writing at Newcastle University.

Eduardo Halfon is a fiction writer born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He was Literature Professor at Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala and has published several works.  He has received a number of awards including the XV Café Bretón y Bodegas Olarra Literary Prize in 2009 and the José María de Pereda Priza for Short Novel.  In 2007 he was named one of the best young Latin American writers by the Hay Festival of Bogotá. 

Farangis Siahpoor is a filmmaker from Iran who has written, directed and produced [Once Upon a Time], The Day After Tomorrow, and Spaghetti With Tomato Sauce, as well as the experimental Fly’s Eye and the documentaries Ferdosi and Situation. Her experience includes work as an editor, cinematographer, producer, production designer and script supervisor. She has served as a referee for film festivals at Tehran University, and is the author of a collection of short stories [It Passes You By] and the play Irani Eyd.

Tang Ling is a fiction and screenwriter from China. She writes avant-garde plays, episodes for Chinese language TV series.  She has published numerous short stories and novellas with Harvest and other presses including her first novel The First Time.  One of her pieces, Tell Laola I Love Her, was selected by the Creation and Research Department of Chinese Writers Association for inclusion in The Best Chinese Novellas for 2001.

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International Writing Program

PNCA welcomes five writers from around the world for the 2010 International Writing Program through October 2. Join them at a Public Reading and Reception October 1 at 6:30 pm, co-sponsored by Wordstock.

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PNCA Closes Successful Comprehensive Campaign

The PNCA Board of Governors has announced that the first comprehensive fundraising campaign in the College’s history will close at the end of September, exceeding its $32 million goal. Significant support from individuals, corporations and foundations has made possible the transformation of PNCA from a small regional school to a distinctive and nationally competitive college of art and design. During the Campaign for PNCA+FIVE (the Ford Institute for Visual Education), the College has experienced tremendous growth, more than doubling enrollment, securing the purchase of its main campus building at 1241 NW Johnson Street, establishing new scholarship endowments, enhancing programmatic support, forming a partnership with Museum of Contemporary Craft and quadrupling the College’s general endowment fund.

A major milestone of the campaign was a $15 million gift from the late Hallie Ford in 2007. This contribution, the largest gift ever made to an arts education organization in Oregon, has enabled the College to become an innovative center of excellence and has served as a catalyst for expanding the College’s graduate programs and offerings to the community. A portion of Mrs. Ford’s gift along with three separate $1 million dollar donations from the Harold and Arlene Schnitzer Care Foundation, Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund and PNCA Board Chair Al Solheim enabled the College to purchase its main campus building.

Read the full “press release”:

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Explore Craft on Museum Day

PNCA’s Museum of Contemporary Craft participates in Smithsonian Magazine’s 2010 Museum Day this Saturday, September 25. Register online for free admission and participate in several special programs.

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Tornado Machines and Natural Disasters

Ceramicist Andy Brayman founded The Matter Factory in Kansas City and has recently been using a “tornado machine” to pulverize brick and cinder block fragments from natural disasters for 3D printing. He will speak at The Bison Building on Sept 23 at 6:30 pm.

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Artist Collaborations Night

The Guild Council of PNCA’s Museum of Contemporary Craft invites the community to collaborate on a piece of art together at an Artist Collaborations Night on September 25.

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PNCA Students Lead Public Tours of Ai Weiwei Exhibition

PNCA alum Jack Hillie ‘10 and student Michael O’Malley ‘11 visited Ai Weiwei’s studio this past summer as part of Global Studios China. Using their personal experiences to provide context for Ai Weiwei’s work, they will conduct tours for drop-in visitors through the close of the exhibition.

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PNCA Hosts Ten TBA Chats

The TBA Noontime Chats are a series of casual discussions with artists, creative thinkers and TBA audiences. Chats are included in the Flex, Immersion and Patron Passes and are free for PICA members and the PNCA community; otherwise $5 general admission at the door. All chats take place from 12:30-2 pm at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA).

September 10
TBA In A Nutshell
Cathy Edwards, Kristan Kennedy and Erin Boberg Doughton

September 11
The New Classical
Beth Morrison

September 12
Telling Stories: Art & Commerce
Mike Daisey

September 13
Embodied Words
John Vignaux Smyth and Conor Lovett

September 14
Dance & Sculpture
Maria Hassabi, Danielle Kelly, Noelle Stiles and Jonathan Turner

September 15
It’s Too Personal
Storm Tharp, Jessica Jackson Hutchins and Kristan Kennedy

September 16
Hyper Reality
Ronnie Bass, Gandalf Gavan, Ethan Siegel and Kristan Kennedy

September 17
The Telephone Game
Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper

September 18
On the Boards TV
Lane Czaplinski and Sarah Wilke

September 19
Across the Ocean
Matsue Okazaki, Yukio Suzuki, Zan Yamashita and Mizu Desierto

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TBA:10 at PNCA

Nina Katchadourian’s “Sorted Books”: exhibition opens Thursday, September 2 in PNCA’s Feldman Gallery as part of TBA:10. Among other works, Katchadourian invites Portland locals Lisa Radon and Tim Duroche to examine their personal book collections.

Read the full press release “here”:

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