PNCA Director of Library Services Receives ACRL-OR Scholarship

News || Mar 23, 2018

Congratulations to Serenity Ibsen, Director of Library Services at PNCA, who has been selected for a professional development scholarship from ACRL Oregon.

Since 1989, Oregon's chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL-Oregon) has sought to support academic libraries and librarians; to foster communication among academic librarians; to promote the development of Oregon academic libraries; to sponsor educational programs of interest to academic librarians; and to serve as liaison between academic librarians and various other academic and library constituencies.

Design Week Portland + PNCA

News || Mar 22, 2018

Pacific Northwest College of Art's BFA Design department, MFA in Collaborative Design / MA in Design Systems, and MFA in Applied Craft + Design programs are honored to be hosting several events during the 2018 Design Week Portland festival.

Locations will include our main campus in the NW of downtown Portland, Oregon, and the AC+D studios across the river in the NE.

Festivities kick off Sunday, April 14, and will run through the next Sunday, April 22. For a full schedule of events and details go here.


PNCA Hosted Events


Monday @ PNCA's Main Campus, 511 NW Broadway

Tuesday @ PNCA's Main Campus, 511 NW Broadway

Wednesday @ PNCA's Main Campus, 511 NW Broadway

Thursday @ the Bison Building, NE 10th Ave


About Design Week Portland

Design Week Portland is a week-long, city-wide series of programs exploring the process, craft, and practice of design across all disciplines. Our mission is to increase appreciation and awareness about design and its far-reaching effects on matters of cultural and social relevance, including community development, education systems, and the economy. Learn more ⟶

Thank You Gala Guests

News || Mar 19, 2018

Thank you so much to all who attended, sponsored, and supported this year's PNCA Gala. Thank you for helping us honor the hard work and talent of our incredible students and for helping us exceed our fundraising goal. Your generosity makes it possible for us to offer this world-class arts education to more talented, ambitious young artists and designers. 



Forbes Hails PNCA’s Dieng as Changemaker

News || Mar 19, 2018

Forbes magazine credits artist, curator, and PNCA Professor with catalyzing change in a new review of New Feelings, an exhibition at PNCA's Center for Contemporary Art & Culture. On the show of photography from a diasporic perspective, the piece quotes Dieng saying, "there is a power in looking....How do we rearrange the system of representation so that there is also power in being seen? I wanted to exhibit photography from a strictly diasporic perspective. Africans have always been photographed, documented- but it’s fascinating to see what we see when the position shifts from being the subject to the artist.”

The writer credits Dieng and one of the galleries he draws from for this show for creating a situation that will ensure that no more will exhibitions be constituted by "the proverbial (and let me say it- expected if not boring) same five white men shown by the same five institutions."

And she sees Modou as driving change more broadly in the rest of the art world's perception of Portland as well. "Portland and the Pacific Northwest have never really been seriously considered as part of the contemporary conversation in larger hotbeds like London or New York. Contemporary art has traditionally always referenced pushing perception, definitions and boundaries only in places like New York but with the help of the Internet, an interconnectedness, and perhaps placelessness, but more importantly- Modou's vision, he is changing this." 

"The advantage of the Northwest art scene is people are still learning, people are still not afraid of asking questions, you do not need to ask permission from the established donor cliques- collectors are more curious and exploratory. They aren’t all stuck on the return investment of their balloon dogs. These communities of inquiry work only to Modou’s advantage- the shows complexities are not lost on the viewer but rather function as a stepping stone into a realization and manifestation of the large canon of contemporary art and black artist who are leading it."

Melanie Stevens Awarded Stumptown Artist Fellowship

News || Mar 16, 2018

Congratulations to MFA in Visual Studies '17 alumna Melanie Stevens who was recently honored as the third recipient of the new Stumptown Artist Fellowship. Stumptown designed this new visual arts initiative with the understanding that producing high-quality, large-scale work is often a big financial undertaking for working artists.

Melanie Stevens is the co-founder, editor, and an instructor of Miss Anthology, an organization that supports and publishes racially and economically diverse young comic artists who identify as female or LGBTQIA+. Stevens is the co-curator of Nat Turner Project, and also the creator of the upcoming graphic novel series, WaterShed, a love and death story about America through the lens of race.

You can read more about the Stumptown Artist Fellowship here.

Jerry McGill interviewed on Think Out Loud

News || Feb 28, 2018

The MA in Critical Studies program recently hosted a talk by author Jerry McGill who was interviewed this week on OPB's Think Out Loud. McGill was shot in the back by an unknown assailant when he was 13 years old and was left paralyzed. In the interview, McGill talks about how his life was changed in a moment, his gratitude for the hospital staff as he recovered, and reads from the letter he wrote to his assailant, which became his memoir, Dear Marcus: A Letter To The Man Who Shot Me

McGill's book is an inspiring narrative about the moments in life that shape us—those that catch us by surprise, that blindside us, but that present us with opportunities for growth, reflection, compassion, and forgiveness. He has traveled the globe mentoring disabled children and sharing the experiences in his life that evolved from his transformative encounter with Marcus. Jerry McGill holds a BA in English literature from Fordham University and a MFA in education from Pacific University in Oregon.

Communication Arts Features Interview with PNCA Alumna Molly Mendoza

News || Feb 28, 2018

Molly Mendoza (PNCA Illustration alumna '14) was recently interviewed in an article by freelance writer, Claire Sykes, featured on Communication Arts, one of the largest international trade journals of visual communications.

Molly, who transfered to PNCA from Estrella Mountain Community College in 2011, talks about her journey to PNCA, the instructors who inspired and supported her, and the concerns that continue to drive her art-making process. The article also quotes several art directors and mentors who worked with Molly on class projects as well as editorial pieces for clients like Adobe and Bitch magazine.

Insightful and loaded with first-hand advice for young illustrators, you can read full article on Comm Arts.

Portrait of Molly Mendoza, © Maddie Maschger

© Maddie Maschger via Communication Arts

Communication Design Students Finalists in Design Competition

News || Feb 19, 2018

Congratulations to Damien Dawahare and Jack Hale, Communication Design students who were finalists in the Oregon Angel Fund Rebranding Competition. Oregon Angel Fund is rebranding itself as Oregon Venture Fund and so launched a competition for college students to design its new identity.  

Four teams from PNCA participated, and Dawahare and Hale made it to to the final round of three teams selected from multiple colleges in the area. The competition was jointly organized by the Oregon Angel Fund and the London-based digital design agency, AKQA, which has an office in Portland to work with Nike. OAF is an annual fund that invests in five to seven startups a year in Oregon and Southwest Washington. See all of the designs by the student teams.

PNCA/PENSOLE Scholarships Awarded to PENSOLE’s #21DaysofDesign Challenge Winners

News || Feb 19, 2018

Congratulations to the two winners of PENSOLE Design Academy's FN Platform Challenge, #21DaysofDesign. Each of the two winners, whose Instagram usernames are @motane_nga and @isamujarman, earned a Two Ten Footwear Foundation scholarship to attend the PNCA/PENSOLE 12-Week Design Intensive. One of the two will have the chance to see their design produced and sold at retail. 

Learn more about the #21DasyofDesign challenge and winners via this article on Footwear News.  

PENSOLE #21daysofdesign winner @motane_nga footwear concept sketch

Winner @motane_nga.

Winner @isamujarman