President Tuski Moderates Panel for Design Week Portland

|| Apr 26, 2017

PNCA President Don Tuski moderates a panel on Design (Im)permanence at Works Progress Architecture on Thursday, April 27 at 5pm as part of Design Week Portland.

The application of design spans a wider array of useful life cycles than ever, from temporal digital solutions that may have a useful life of days, to products with fashion cycles of years, to public works of infrastructure that are intended to last decades or even lifetimes. Design (Im)permanence will explore the perception that there is a spectrum of value between permanent and temporary design through a roundtable discussion with design disciplines that create products on that spectrum. In a culture where speed has become a paradigm and instant gratification is almost expected, what opportunities are there for overlapping lifespans and adaptability as fashion and needs change.

As part of an ongoing inquiry into issues related to design and the public realm, Project Cityscope and Works Progress Architecture organized this panel to discuss the requirements and limitations of designing to varying levels of endurance. The panel features clothing designer Adam Arnold, Marcelino Alvarez of Uncorked Studios, and Bill Neburka and Carrie Strickland of Works Progress Architecture.

Dr. Tuski's Ph.D. in anthropology and years in art and design higher education give him a unique and comprehensive perspective from which to guide this conversation. 

Tickets $5. Eventbrite