Design Labs

June 15 – 26, 2015

A+S: Comics

Kids power of vision and imagination saves the world! Join our innovative, hands-on design camps and develop creative solutions for our communities and world to thrive and prosper. We will explore tricky issues concerning food, water, dwelling and community close to home. We will think big and collaborate to design scenarios the sustained well-being of current and future generations.

Design Labs is structured to take young children and teens through the design process. From meeting with experts and developing ideas to building and promoting their designs. Each week takes campers through three phases of learning and designing : from research and idea generation, through collaborative design development and discussions to creating and presenting designs in field-books, portfolios, prototypes and exhibits.

Design Labs Camp day is structured similarly to smARTworks Art Camp!

Here is a schedule of the camp day:

Check in – 8am to 9am
Morning Session – 9am to Noon
Lunch – Noon to 1pm
Afternoon Session – 1pm to 4pm
Check out – 4pm to 5pm

Design Labs runs Monday – Friday

June 15 -19, 2015
Learn about endangered and invasive species and their habitats, and explore landscapes touched and untouched by human hands. Consider the needs and diverse practices of human communities and their impact on the natural world. Apply hands-on design methods for researching the human footprint and developing change in existing patterns of human activity. Be part of an Earthwerks design crew that saves our animal friends in the Pacific Northwest and imagines how to make a difference in the world that sustains us!

Jun 22 – 26, 2015
Explore urban architecture, roadways and machines, consider the flow of people and information, and learn about the cycles of waste and energy that make cities and their populations work. Focus on the big issues for urban environments of today and develop out-of-the-box designs for sustainable cities of tomorrow. Imagine novel ways to feed, clothe, house and comfort the urban dwellers of the future. Join your Citywerks design team to bring exciting new urban systems onto our horizon line.

Design Labs serves ages 7 to 14!
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