General Fine Arts

The General Fine Arts major is a non-departmental option for motivated, self-disciplined students seeking a broad exposure to fine arts practices. The GFA program allows students to create individualized pathways through the PNCA curriculum and provides an opportunity to investigate multiple disciplines. GFA students explore a diversity of skills, ideas, media, and technologies in their coursework and may engage with traditional or experimental methods of production.

This multidisciplinary track of study offers students the freedom to develop individual academic goals with the guidance and support of faculty mentors and academic advisors. GFA students have access to all the studios, equipment, and facilities on the PNCA campus, and they work closely with departmental faculty in their areas of interest.

GFA majors emerge from the BFA program as skilled and versatile generalists in the fine arts. They are competent in the practices and traditions of more than one discipline, and uniquely prepared to communicate through the media and methods that are most appropriate for their ideas and desired audience.

Assistant Professor Abra Ancliffe teaches a studio course in Alternate Photo Processes.


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