Illustration Curriculum

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Course title Fall Spring
FD101 Visual Elements: 2D 3 *
FD102 Visual Elements Digital Tools * 3
FD105-106 Basic Drawing 3
FD111 3-D Design 3 *
FD112 Time Arts * 3
** FN100 First Year Seminar (see note below) 1
LA121 Foundation Writing 3
LA122 Writing in Context 3
LA125 Exploring Visual Culture 3
LA225 Perspectives on Society and Culture 3
Studio Elective 3
TOTAL 15-16 15
*Can be taken Fall or Spring
**FN100 First Year Seminar is required of all freshman with fewer than 30 transfer credits.

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Illustration fuses personal vision and rigorous professional practice to help you build the responsive skill set required to flourish in a variety of dynamic and multifaceted creative markets. Today’s illustrators are powerful imagemakers and skilled visual storytellers whose work is found in markets as diverse as animation and computer gaming, socio-political commentary, picture book and comics publishing, textiles, apparel and fashion, and product design.

Our program fuses technical skill and conceptual inquiry to form a skill set you will use to create fire-starting visual messages capable of engaging clients and changing culture. You will acquire mastery in traditional studio media and new and emerging technologies; learn to think critically in terms of client needs and deadlines; and cultivate an awareness of your own social contribution and critique. Above all, you will use these skills to generate powerful, culturally relevant ideas; create never-before-seen worlds and characters; and craft new narratives—all communicated in your uniquely dynamic and distinct visual language.

Learn more about the current students and faculty of the Illustration program on the Illustration Tumblr site.

Each year, the Illustration department hosts an end-of-year showcase of student work at a downtown gallery. Photo by Kaija Cornett ‘12.

Professional Development

  • Unique mentorship programs which hones individual students skill sets for application to the contemporary illustration marketplace
  • Professional practices instruction
  • Portfolio preparation
  • Internships for seniors and recent graduates at companies like Nike, Wieden+Kennedy, Microsoft, Dark Horse Comics, and Nintendo