Photography as a medium is fluid, dynamic and constantly re-inventing itself. To be a photographer today is to place yourself in the center of a world where image making possibilities are endless and where you can decide when to embrace tradition and when to reject it. In Photography, you build a strong foundation in analog and digital techniques and lighting strategies, explore expansive ways of thinking about and making images, and develop a vocabulary to discuss and critique your work and the work of others.

While developing a high degree of professional proficiency, you learn to communicate powerfully and to critically examine the challenges of photographic expression in the contemporary art landscape. All of this provides you with the foundation you need to pursue your career goals, whether in galleries, commercial photography, or graduate studies.

Teresa Christiansen

Lead Faculty and Professor in Photography

Teresa Christiansen studied psychology and painting as an undergraduate and received her MFA in photographic studies through the Bard College – International Center of Photography program in NYC. She has exhibited her work widely, including in New York, and Philadelphia, most recently at the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle and the Portland Art Museum. She was a 2007 winner of PDN Photo Annual.

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  • Digital Print Studio with large format Epson and Canon archival inkjet printers up to 44” wide, 27” 5K iMac computer stations, Epson flatbed scanners, an Imacon virtual drum scanner and a daylight light booth print viewing wall. All monitors and printers are custom color calibrated for an industry standard color managed workflow. The Studio is both staffed for student support, and open for after hours independent access.
  • Photo Lab includes a traditional black and white darkroom with 12 individual enlarger stations with large format capacity, a film development area, a wide selection of chemistry for the production of alternative process images, and a post-production area with print storage.
  • Lighting Studio with a white 14x14’ cyc wall, a green screen cyc wall, 9’ and 12’ seamless racks, cameras set up for tethered shooting, Speedotron strobe kits, Lowel and Moel-Richardson continuous lights and a wide range of modifiers and grip equipment including soft boxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes, barn doors, snoots and a Manfrotto super boom stand and studio stand.
  • Media Resource Center stocked with a wide range of lenses, lights, tripods and cameras for checkout by students for use on and off campus. Lighting and camera gear includes Profoto strobe kits, Lowel continuous lighting, Canon digital SLRs, Mamiya and Hasselblad medium format film cameras, Toyo large format field cameras, and a wide range of grip equipment and accessories.

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