Studio Arts


The Printmaking concentration within the Studio Arts major features one of the most energetic studios on campus. Students from all areas of the College explore image-making in a supportive community environment. This versatile program immerses students in traditional and contemporary ideas and processes, emphasizing high standards of craftsmanship and professional practice.

Printmaking is a rich interdisciplinary studio experience for majors and non- majors alike, and supports a broad range of approaches including intaglio, lithography, relief printing, screenprinting, monotype, and letterpress. The program provides exposure to the rich history and diverse traditions of print. An engaging program of visiting artists supports the coursework.

Within the supportive community of the Gordon Gilkey Print Center at PNCA, students find their voice and discover how they fit into the larger creative world outside the College.

Ali Leeds ‘11 sets type for one of the Printmaking Studio’s letterpresses.


  • Intaglio
  • Screen printing
  • Monotype
  • Lithography
  • Relief
  • Bookbinding
  • Letterpress
  • Combined print media
  • Experimental printing


  • Full range of printing presses
  • Letterpress and Bookbinding Equipment
  • Screen Printing Area with variety of equipment
  • Large selection of traditional lithography stones
  • Computer Arts Center with large format inkjet printers
  • Vacuum Exposure Units for all photo sensitive processes
  • Dedicated Critique Space
  • Access to other centers of making



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