Sculpture Curriculum

Freshman   Sophomore   Junior   Senior  


Course title Fall Spring
FD101 Visual Elements: 2D 3 *
FD102 Visual Elements: Digital Tools * 3
FD105 or 106 Basic Drawing 3 *
FD111 3-D Design 3 *
FD112 Time Arts * 3
** FN100 First Year Seminar (see note below) 1
LA121 Foundation Writing 3
LA122 Writing in Context 3
LA125 Exploring Visual Culture 3
Studio Elective 3
TOTAL 15-16 15
*Can be taken Fall or Spring
**FN100 First Year Seminar is required of all freshman with fewer than 30 transfer credits. Revised 3/5/14


Scultpture encourages you to investigate a wide spectrum of sculptural methods, including stand-alone objects, site-specific works, multiples, installations, sculptural interventions, performance, and any number of hybrid forms of three-dimensional engagement. You can customize your own pathway as you work under the mentorship of master professionals within a collaborative studio atmosphere. And you have full access to PNCA’s 3D Labs, which include a fully appointed woodshop, ceramics studio, and metal shop with foundry, all staffed by on-site technicians.

Presentations by visiting artists, critics, and curators enrich your experience by supporting you and challenging you to understand your role as a contemporary maker and thinker. As a graduate, you will be prepared to continue your education in graduate programs and residencies or launch your career as a professional artist.

This thesis project, by Liz Harris ‘12, is a response to the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Photo by Kaija Cornett ‘12.

Projects & Assignments

  • A full-scale hot air balloon, used as a metaphor on various levels, was one senior’s thesis project. She made every element herself, working with textiles, basket weaving, and other traditional processes.
  • One student created a sculpture primarily from video equipment. Images captured in realtime on a surveillance camera were played back in an agonizingly slow fashion on the sculpture’s monitor.
  • Sewing and craft-based techniques enabled another student to concentrate on making touchable pieces, such as flocked clay sculptures.


  • Metal shop
  • Wood shop
  • Ceramics studio
  • 3D Multimedia studio
  • Portable foundry
  • Industrial sewing facility
  • Manuel Izquierdo Gallery
  • Semi-private student studios in the 3D building