Video + Sound Curriculum

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Course title Fall Spring
FD101 Visual Elements: 2D 3 *
FD102 Visual Elements Digital Tools * 3
FD105-106 Basic Drawing 3 3
FD111 3-D Design 3 *
FD112 Time Arts * 3
** FN100 First Year Seminar (see note below) 1
LA121-122 Writing in Context 3 3
LA125 Exploring Visual Culture 3
Studio Elective 3
TOTAL 15-16 15
*Can be taken Fall or Spring
**FN100 First Year Seminar is required of all freshman with fewer than 30 transfer credits. Revised 3/5/14

Media Arts

Video + Sound

Moving images and sound make up the basic components of communication and self-expression in the 21st century. From big budget Hollywood productions to homemade online videos, our culture is immersed in a media atmosphere. The Video + Sound concentration within the Media Arts major promotes an expansive investigation of video and sound as disciplines both distinct and allied. Cultivating a practice-based media literacy, this program supports the acquisition of critical, aesthetic, and technical skills, which are vital to cultural production. Video + Sound students draw on the rich histories and interconnections between video art, sound art, experimental film, installation, performance, and network culture.

Principles of video and sound are taught in hands-on learning environments where students gain the technical skills needed to communicate ideas through structure, pace, rhythm, duration, and the interplay between image and sound. As students’ recording and editing skills increase, so do the opportunities
to expand beyond single channel video. Sound performances, multi-channel video and sound installations, interactive screens, live video mixing, and repurposing outmoded technology are but a few examples of strategies employed by advanced Video + Sound students.

During SIX, a special event with celebrated sound artist Robert Henke, students gather in Swigert Commons. Photo by Kaija Cornett ‘12.

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