• Chris Gander

    Assistant Professor in Sculpture

    BFA 1986 Pacific Northwest College of Art (Sculpture)

    Northwest native Chris Gander has taught sculpture at PNCA since 1992, and has also taught at Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art in France. His work explores illusion and spatial relationships with minimal line and form. Gander’s work was included in the Portland Art Museum’s Oregon Biennial in 1991 and 1995, and in the Big Objects Invitational at the Tacoma Art Museum, Washington, in 1991. Other Northwest exhibitions include Portland Art Museum, Coos Art Museum in Oregon, and Bumbershoot in Seattle. In 2006, his work was included in Convergence at the Tollhouse Art Center in Kirkcudbright, Scotland. Gander’s work is in various collections, including Portland Art Museum; Harsch Investment Corporation and Winkler Development Company, Portland, Oregon; The Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Salem, Oregon; Tacoma Art Museum, Washington; and the Philip Morris Companies in New York.

  • Nan Curtis

    Assistant Professor in Foundation, Sculpture; Chair of Studio Arts; Lead Faculty in Sculpture

    Site-specificity has been the driving force of my practice for the last several years. It forces me to work in the moment while engaging layers of history and experience. My site-specific responses are sometimes subtle, embracing a singular landscape or architectural feature; sometimes a site tickles the “brat” in me and I “smear myself” across a site. Currently, my primary materials are: construction flags, fabric, Mylar, and natural and artificial materials found on-site. During a recent exhibition at Mira Costa College in San Diego, CA, I collected and performed with local mushrooms known as Dead Man’s Foot, using them as pigments—exploding them on the ground and in the air. These actions conjured many associations. At first they appeared like smoke bombs—a troubling image in our world today—but they also resembled mystical and spiritual phenomena. The performances were documented, printed as large-scale digital images, and included in the exhibition.

    My previous work has focused on home, place, family, childhood, and social relationships. I am intrigued by the emotional and material nuances of different kinds of shared experiences, and have dissected them into unusual, creepy, funny, and uncomfortable forms. The potential of material objects and their environments to embody the more uncomfortable and difficult aspects of everyday life has captivated me for many years. The desire for psychological penetration is the through-line in my various bodies of work. I want the viewer to be ensnared by familiarity—lured into more enigmatic and visceral reactions to the work they are experiencing. The thrust of my work has moved from the private to the public.

    Nan Curtis received her MFA from the University of Cincinnati and a BA from the College of Wooster in OH. Major exhibitions include DiverseWorks, Houston; Tacoma Art Museum; ConsolidatedWorks, Seattle; PICA & 1430Contemporary in Portland; and with RSDS at Nottdance Festival & Melbourne Art Center. She was Director/Curator of Feldman Gallery + Project Space at the Pacific Northwest College of Art & has been faculty for over 20 years. Nan received the prestigious Bonnie Bronson Fellowship in 2011 & several residencies in 2013/14. A catalog chronicling a three year project, The Rekindling, is being published in 2017.

  • David Eckard

    Associate Professor in Sculpture, Foundation, Intermedia

    1988 BFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Sculpture)

    My practice as a visual artist includes fabricated objects, drawings, paintings and prints, installations, videos and performances.

    Through these various approaches and presentational strategies, I fabricate residual, fictive artifacts, create biomorphic, sexualized schematics, and orchestrate transient theatrics and temporary monuments for incidental audiences in civic spaces.

    Futility, authority, absurdity, theatricality and persona enter into my creative explorations as notions to investigate, critique, utilize, and exploit.

    David Eckard is an artist, educator, and performer based in Portland, Oregon. He is exhibiting in Portland2016 (the biennial curated by Michelle Grabner) and recently exhibited at Atelier Dado in Cetijne, Montenegro, and at the Centre International D’Art Contemporain in Pont-Aven, France.
    Solo shows include Kim Foster Galley, New York; Fassbender Gallery, Chicago; Consolidated Works, Seattle; and Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland. He performed at PICA’s TBA Festival in 2004, 2006, 2011, 2014 and for Northwest New Works at On The Boards, Seattle, in 2005.

    His work has been written about and reviewed in The New York Times, Flash Art, Art in America, ARTnews, and Sculpture.

    Eckard was awarded the RACC Individual Artists Fellowship in 2015, the Bonnie Bronson Fellowship for 2010, was one of the inaugural recipients of the Hallie Ford Fellowship in Visual Arts for 2010, and was a Juror’s Award recipient at the 2006 Oregon Biennial.

  • Crystal Schenk

    Assistant Professor in Foundation, Sculpture

    MFA 2007 Portland State University (Sculpture)
    BFA 1999 The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Sculpture)

    I primarily make sculpture and sculptural installations, although sometimes dabble in video, drawing and knitting when the mood strikes. Rather than practicing material monogamy, my sculptures range from stained glass to magnets to expanding foam. I have a very labor-intensive and detail-oriented way of working, in which craftsmanship and material choices play a large role. Woven through what initially appear as visually disparate works are common themes of class structure, heritage, physical and mental illness, and the fluctuating perceptions of memory. While much of my subject matter is drawn from my past, the topics I explore are based on experiences we all share—bridging the gap between personal and public. Each piece captures a moment within a broader story, one that is left for the viewer to contemplate and allow their imagination complete.

    Schenk’s artwork has been widely published, including features in Sculpture, Craft, and Whitewall magazines. Art-st-urban, in Switzerland, represented her work at Art Basel in 2013 and Open 18 in Venice Italy in 2015. Locally, her work was represented at the Oregon biennial, Portland 2010, and exhibited at Bullseye and Linfield galleries. She is currently working on national public commissions with her husband Shelby Davis, and locally their artwork can be seen on Division Street in Portland, and on Main Street in Estacada.