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Boundary Crossings is a two-week institute that explores digital animation and an expanded notion of the screen. The traditional boundaries between live action, animation, and images are no longer fixed and hybrid moving images continue to change and morph with the development of digital technologies. 

2013 Theme: Cyber Folklore
This year’s participants rethink folklore as a framework for animation that reflects not only national and ethnic traditions but also the new acquired and mixed cultural backgrounds of a generation that came of age around computers. Artistic movements such as Balinese puppet theatre, Eastern-European animation, or Japanese Micropop are investigated as examples of the wide range of possible interpretations of folklore. The main purpose of the Institute is to provide a platform for artists to develop animations that embrace diverse traditions as well as new forms.

PNCA’s biennial Boundary Crossings aims to foster innovation and creativity by exploring animated spaces, expanded screens, and cinema. This two-week institute embraces the hybrid moving image by combining digital technology, fine art practices, and critical theory.

With a faculty of internationally renowned teachers, scholars, and practitioners, the two -week institute includes hands-on making, intensive tutorials, skills-based learning, lectures and screenings, and theory and practice sessions. The goal is to provide an intensive experience of being on the cutting edge of animation and fine arts. Boundary Crossings culminates with a public exhibition of animated installations created during the two-week Institute.

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Non-credit enrollment: $1,790; 3-credit under-graduate enrollment: $3,609; 3-credit graduate enrollment: $3,609

Rose Bond
Kota Ezawa

Visiting Artists: 
Katya Bonnenfant (Old Boys Club)
Miriam Harris (24 Czech & Polish Animators)
Marina Zurkow

Public Events

July 31 Queering the Picture, Panel Discussion, PNCA
Wednesday July 31, 6:30 pm PNCA Commons

Queering the Picture presents four media artists who challenge the normative perception of animation.  Just as queer theory moved the debate away from gay/straight in order to question the binary division of gender itself, these artists are explicitly interested in challenging notions of screen/viewer, subject/object, human/other, and nature/culture. Their works are hybrid, intended to upend the traditional perpendicular viewing plane of the cinema,  choosing instead to inhabit crevices and crania, and to span parlors and pockets. The works may be looked up into, peered down upon, or seen in otherwise unexpected relationships to the body and space, taking on life outside of the orderly contexts in which animation is permitted to play.
Panelists:  Marina Zurkow, Old Boys Club, Rose Bond, Miriam Harris

August 1 24 Czech and Polish Animators, Exhibition, PNCA Commons

First Thursday August 1 PNCA Commons

Selected short animated films from these two former Communist countries. Some works from under the Communist era, others from the age of privatisation. The exhibit explores the characteristics of animation from different generations. Both countries have enjoyed a particularly rich animation tradition which often features absurdity, playful irreverence, black humour and profound reflections on the human condition.

Curator Miriam Harris will give Gallery Talk at 7 pm.

August 2 Inside Czech and Polish Animation, Lecture/Screening by Miriam Harris, Hollywood Theatre
Friday August 2, 7:30 pm at Hollywood Theatre

For those film lovers familiar with independent animation, the words “Czech & Polish animation” might evoke images of animated puppet films rich in artistry, atmosphere, absurdity and profundity.  Curator Miriam Harris traveled to Czech Republic and Poland to garner works from the veterans, the mid-careerists and the emerging forces.  Her selected screening offers a refreshing alternative to English-speaking perspectives while drawing on qualities such as absurdity, black humour, philosophical speculation and romanticism.

Program introduced by curator Miriam Harris

August 5 Kota Ezawa, Visiting Artist Lecture, lumber room

August 9 Cyber Folklore, Exhibition of Animated Installations, (Location TBA)
Friday August 9, 7 – 9:30 pm
Boundary Crossings participants rethink folklore as a framework for animation that reflects not only national and ethnic traditions but also the new acquired and mixed cultural backgrounds of a generation that came of age around computers. Artistic movements such as Balinese puppet theatre, Eastern-European animation or Japanese Micropop are investigated as examples of the wide range of possible interpretations of folklore.  This public exhibition of animated installations completed during the two week institute embraces diverse traditions as well as new forms and current issues.

About Rose Bond, Institute Director
Rose Bond produces work at the juncture of animation, architecture, and the street. She has received honors from the American Film Institute, The Princess Grace Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.  Her large-scale, site-specific installations navigate the allegories of place. In 2012 she completed a prototype for a media installation in the Smithsonian’s Arts & Industries Building. Other installations include “Broadsided!” at Exeter Castle 2010; “Intra Muros”, shown during the 2007 Platform International Animation Festival and reprised for the Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht, 2008, and Nuit Blanche, Toronto 2011.  She is an associate professor and department chair in Animated Arts at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

About Kota Ezawa, Faculty
Kota Ezawa is a kind of media archeologist, excavating images that are buried in archival films and other media. He has produced animations, sculptures and two- dimensional work. In this work he has referenced well known and obscure historic events including the reading of the OJ Simpson Verdict, the assassinations of JFK and Abraham Lincoln, and the notorious honeymoon vacation tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

Public art installations of his work have been on view at Vancouver Art Gallery Offsite and Madison Square Park in New York. He has participated in group exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, and Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris among others. Ezawa lives in San Francisco.

About Pacific Northwest College of Art

As Oregon’s flagship college of art and design since 1909, Pacific Northwest College of Art has helped shape Oregon’s visual arts landscape for more than a century. PNCA students study with award-winning faculty in small classes. In the last seven years, PNCA has doubled both the student body and full-time faculty, quadrupled its endowment, and added innovative undergraduate and graduate programs. PNCA is now embarking on its boldest venture yet by establishing the Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design as an anchor for the College’s vision of a new campus home on Portland’s North Park Blocks. Focusing on the transformative power of creativity, the capital campaign, Creativity Works Here, was launched in June 2012 with a lead gift from The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation of $5 million. PNCA’s new home will be a bustling hub for creativity and entrepreneurship, reflecting the influential role of art and design in our 21st century economy – both in Portland and beyond.


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