For Parents

We appreciate your and your teenager’s interest in our program and we are well aware of your family’s commitment in providing such an exceptional opportunity to your child. We want you to know that our Pre-College Studios certainly is a rigorous arts education program. However, we care and prepare just as much to see your teenager thrive emotionally and socially in our program.

Our program is central to PNCA’s institutional mission of connecting students to the world through fine art and design education. We bring our campus’s finest efforts and highest aspirations to the preparation for and conduct of this unique program. Please feel free to contact me or anyone on our staff with any questions you may have.  You may also call or schedule an appointment to discuss any questions you may have concerning your teenager’s participation program.


Patrick Forster
Director, Continuing Education

Sara Kaltwasser
Youth & Pre-College Coordinator, Continuing Education



h3. Parent Cheat Sheet

Below is a list of important information that you need to know when considering our program for your child’s art education.  If you have additional questions about any of the items listed below, contact Sara Kaltwasser at

h3. The Basics

Pre-College Studio courses let you choose your own schedule, whether you want to go for a one-week immersion or dive into the full four-week program. Studio days are scheduled Monday - Friday from 9 - 4:30pm. College advising and preparedness activities take place each day 1-1:30pm.  Students should bring their sketchbook and/or portfolio for advising sessions.

Our Studios will offer multiple one-week courses in the following areas:

* “Drawing Studio”:
* “Design Studio”:
* “Comics Studio”:
* “Painting Studio”:
* “Printmaking Studio”:

“Read available Pre-College course syllabi for our Pre-College Studios 2016 session.”:

To Register visit “”:

h3. The Cost

*Program Costs:* $750 per week ($500 for Tuition, $250 for Program Fee)

*ArtHouse Residency Fee:* $500
_Includes room fee and cost of breakfast and dinner options._

*Additional Cost Considerations*

- PNCA Pre-College pays for Art Supplies. If program participants would like to purchase items beyond the materials provided by the class, they will need to pay for those items themselves.  Students may also bring their own supplies if they wish.

- Lunch is not provided by the Pre-College Studios, regardless of residency status.  However, the Program will provide treats for final critiques in consultation with Studio Instructors.  $20.00 - 25.00 per week should cover lunch costs should your child prefer to purchase meals on Campus.  PNCA also houses it’s own coffee shop and Cafe where program participants may purchase snacks throughout the day.

h3. Important Dates

Registration Opens: *January 4, 2016*
Scholarship Application Deadline: *February 12, 2016*
Last Day to Register for Housing: *June 3, 2016 (Limited Availability!)*
Required Housing Forms Deadline: *June 24, 2016*

h3. Important Forms and Links

“Complete Pre-College Scholarship Application”:

“Housing Forms - PNCA Pre-College Resource Site”:

*Required of all Housing Pre-College Students -*
“Roommate Questionnaire”:
“Travel Questionnaire”:
“Permission for Absence Form”:
“Resource Confirmation of Review”: (Must be downloaded and emailed or mailed in.)

*All Housing students must review -*
“ArtHouse & Pre-College Welcome Letter”:
“Dorm Living - 101”:
“Dorm Living - Rules & Policies”:

“Medical Release Form”:
“Photo Release & Permission Form”: