About Pre-College: Details

Pre-College 2013

h3. The Studios - July 11 - August 5, 2016

*“The Program greatly exceeded my expectations; I didn’t expect as much honest care ad helpful instruction as was graciously given by my instructors. I can’t even begin to put into words the excitement for my future that this class has instilled in me.”*  - PCS Student,

PNCA’s Pre-College Studios is a rigorous program structured to give participants an undergraduate experience.  Students choose from one of a variety of studio courses, attend one or several over the course of our 4-week term.  Students work within their chosen course schedule to develop their craft through technique-focused exercises and the exploration of varied methodologies and approaches.  At the conclusion of each Studio Course students are asked to participate in a class review or formal critique.

Learn more about our 2016 round of Pre-College Studio courses by checking out our course “syllabi.”:https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BwcXJZlIP7U7N01XZXY0TnNTODg&usp=sharing

Pre-College 2013

h3. Costs

The tuition costs listed below include all basic supplies and any expenses needed for required field trips. All students have the option of earning three transferable elective college credits. There is no deadline for registration, but each studio track and the entire program may fill by early May 2016. Please call 503.821.8967 for more information.

*Tuition* per Week: $500.00
*Supply Fee* per Week: $250.00

(By # of Weeks)
1 Week – $500.00
2 Weeks – $1,000.00
3 Weeks – $1,500.00
4 Weeks – $2,000.00

_(Housing costs noted above include a Meal Plan of $150.00 per week. The meal plan includes breakfast and dinner options.)_

h3. Art Supplies

Many of the tools and materials used during the Pre-College Studios are supplied by PNCA. These materials are often Artist/Studio grade or professional grade.  *However, students may wish to purchase additional materials.*

Supplies vary depending on the course specialization, but you should estimate that additional materials may cost up to $50-$100 per week. Also, students are free to bring personal tools that they prefer to use, i.e. a particular brand of pen or marker, or their personal brushes.

h3. General Expenses

For those students participating in our Residency option, weekly expenses have been broken down as follows for ease of preparation.

Lunch: $20.00 - 25.00 per week.
Personal/Entertainment: $50.00 - 125.00

(Our RAs plan a variety of activities that have varying costs, students are free to participate in those activities as they see fit.  Full group activities, ie movies, plays, musical events will be paid for by the program.)

_If you opt for housing but your level of financial need presents a burden to meet general expenses and art supply costs, please contact Program Coordinator Sara Kaltwasser to discuss possible support plans._

h3. Scholarships

The Pre-College Program offers a limited number of need-based scholarships. Eligibility and documentation requirements are noted on the application form. Our Scholarship application deadline is *February 12, 2016*.
PCS_Scholarship_Button  “Pre-College Online Scholarship Application”:https://docs.google.com/a/pnca.edu/forms/d/1zPoqo3kF5gLRk3gkeZfLqMRq9VvtmFPHYxazcr9z4p8/viewform

h3. Residency - Art House

ArtHouse Move-in Day

ArtHouse is a striking five- story residence building that’s sliced through the center to bring light into each room and hallway. Bright, airy apartments overlook the park and city, with hallway walls designated for student art displays. Its proximity to public transit, bikeable roads, grocery stores and family friendly spaces make ArtHouse the ultimate spot to call home.

PNCA’s Residence Life program provides a supportive and vibrant environment that facilitates creativity and collaboration. We educate students through in-house social and academic activities, as well as events that connect students to the life, culture, and arts of Portland.

_(Limited to space availability)_

ArtHouse Move-in Day

Student housing is located near campus and is supervised by a Pre-College Summer Studio Resident Advisor.  Housing with PNCA’s Pre-College Program allows students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the full college experience of living away from home while still being in a safe and comfortable environment.  Residency with PNCA’s Pre-College Program also allows students a chance to explore Portland, both through individual exploration and supervised activities with our RA.

PNCA staff meets all students at the airport and transports them to their residence hall and at the completion of the program students are accompanied to the airport. Students use “Portland’s”:http://www.pnca.edu/studentlife/portland/ safe “TriMet”:http://trimet.org/ system for transportation between campuses.

h3. Resource Site & Housing Forms

The PNCA Pre-College Program has made it easy for you to get basic information about our housing program and complete all required housing forms, should you opt to stay in ArtHouse this summer. We required several forms from participating students to help support the heath, safety, and preparation requirements for each student. These forms can be found on our “Pre-College Housing Resource Site.”:https://precollegestudios.wordpress.com/

h3. Please note below all Pre-College Forms:

*Required of all Pre-College Students -*
“Medical Release Form”:https://precollegestudios.wordpress.com/online-medical-release-form/
“Photo Release & Permission Form”:https://precollegestudios.wordpress.com/online-photo-release-permission-form/

*Required of all Housing Pre-College Students -*
“Roommate Questionnaire”:https://precollegestudios.wordpress.com/roommate-questionnaire/
“Travel Questionnaire”:https://precollegestudios.wordpress.com/travel-questionnaire/
“Permission for Absence Form”:https://precollegestudios.wordpress.com/permission-for-absence-housing/
“Resource Confirmation of Review”:https://precollegestudios.wordpress.com/housing/download/ (Must be downloaded and emailed or mailed in.)

*All Housing students must review -*
“ArtHouse & Pre-College Welcome Letter”:https://precollegestudios.wordpress.com/housing/arthouse-pre-college-welcome/
“Dorm Living - 101”:https://precollegestudios.wordpress.com/housing/res-living-101/
“Dorm Living - Rules & Policies”:https://precollegestudios.wordpress.com/housing/dorm-living-rules-policies/

h3. Contact

Sara Kaltwasser
Youth Program Coordinator
precollege [at] pnca [dot] edu

See student artwork on the *Pre-College Studios* “Flickr Site”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/pnca_youth/collections/72157624676039951/.