Week 2: Science Fiction, Day 5

h4. “My child said, ‘PNCA camp let me get all my thoughts out’ and ‘I have art in my brain now. I see blue, green and orange in everything’.” - smARTworks Parent, 2015

smARTworks is an engaging art experience that helps children and teens increase their understanding of what art can be.  Utilizing a rigorous yet fun curriculum informed by the Reggio Emilia idea of investigative inquiry and play, students learn key concepts and artistic principles.  Emphasis is placed on collaboration and the cultivation of a students natural gifts’.

Science Fiction Day 2

h3. Our 2016 smARTworks Theme -

*Art is all Around!*

Investigate art and art history and learn different ways to make art this summer! From the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci to the Landscapes of David Hockney, examine different themes and techniques used throughout history. Travel through time, and learn about great artists and their masterful works of art!

*Week 1: Art & Inventions / June 27 - July 1, 2016*
Some of the coolest inventions and ideas were devised by artists. Use your art skills and amazing imagination to help create the world’s next great inventions.

*Week 2: Art & Me / July 5 - 8, 2016*
For thousands of years artists have made portraits of their friends or themselves. Explore portraiture in 2 and 3 dimensions and learn about different ways a portrait can be made! (Please note: Due to the 4th of July holiday this week is prorated, and has 4 camp days instead of 5.)

*Week 3: Art & Place / July 11 - 15, 2016*
Artists depict the places they live! Whether a landscape or a cityscape, artists have used different materials and media to give their perspective on the land they call home.

*Week 4: Art & Ideas / July 18 - 22, 2016*
Art can be made about anything, from people, places, and things, to feelings and experiences. Make art about your ideas and share them with the world!


“Learn more about smARTworks cutting edge curriculum.—>”:http://pnca.edu/programs/ce/youth/c/academics

Students build their skills, knowledge and confidence in art making through the use of BFA student-grade art materials.  From paper and paints to clay and kilns, our students have access to the high quality art materials and facilities PNCA has to offer.  smARTworks experienced and supportive staff and faculty is comprised of working artists and educators, the majority of which have worked with the program for three years or more.  Our Staff and Faculty are deeply invested in maintaining the tenets of the Youth Program and serving the college’s mission of fostering the next generation of artists. 

All registrants receive a camp t-shirt. Fresh organic snacks from local growers provided throughout the class day. If attending full day camp, students must bring their own sack lunch. All supplies and tickets for off-site trips are covered by the Youth Program.  Before and aftercare at smARTworks is free.

Need some assistance in order to join the Youth Program this summer.  Fill out our simple online scholarship application and apply for tuition remission today!

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h3. smARTexplorers : For Ages 4-6

*Half-day Session: 9:30-11:30am*
“Register Online →”:https://cereg.pnca.edu/p/youth

Epic Adventures Day 5

“smARTexplorers”:https://cereg.pnca.edu/p/youth, designed for young children, combines fun and learning in the visual arts based around a weekly theme. Sessions begin with an animated discussion about a particular story or legend or prompt to spark creative ideas, followed by hands-on projects. Imagination and sensory awareness are encouraged through activities with materials such as paint, clay, paper, charcoal and pastels. All materials are provided. Students must meet the minimum age requirement by the first day of class.

h3. What you need to know!

h4. The Cost

*Full Day Camp (Ages 7 - 11) -*
Tuition: $230
Supply Fee: $115

*Full Day Camp (Ages 7 - 11) -* July 4th Week
Tuition: $185
Supply Fee: $90

*smARTexplorers - Half Day Camp (Ages 4 - 6)*
Tuition: $120
Supply Fee: $60

*smARTexplorers - Half Day Camp (Ages 4 - 6) -*  July 4th Week
Tuition: $95
Supply Fee: $50

h3. Our Students

Design Lab - CitiyWerks

Our smARTworks program is designed so that class cohorts are comprised of students that are similar in age as well as artistic and social development.  We have four age groups:

*Ages 4 to 6 (smARTexplorers)*
*Ages 7 to 8*
*Ages 9 to 11*

These age-ranges allow our Instructors to tailor curriculum in a way that is age appropriate, and considerate of students’ fine-motor development. smARTworks classes are capped at 18 participants; smARTexplorers is capped at 15.  This is done to ensure that Instructional and Program staff can give students individual attention throughout the course period. 

h3. Facilities

smARTworks is located within PNCA’s main campus in the Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design at 511 NW Broadway.  smARTworks’ classrooms and communal spaces are located in a secure area on the upper level of the building. This location allows students access to the college’s many resources including the Library, Computer Arts Center, Printmaking Studio and Ceramic Labs. 

h3. Before + After Care


h4. “My son came home so excited about art everyday. He loved his teachers and the new techniques he learned.” - smARTworks Parent, 2015

smARTworks staff provide supervised care between the hours of *8–9am* and *4–5pm* free of charge. During camp hours several staff members are on site to ensure the safety and security of all students on campus.  During smARTwork’s before and after care students’ stay in our communal camp space, where they can continue to work on projects, create artwork with provided materials, and any number of additional activities. 


Wk 4- Creatures & Characters

We work to provide your children and all program participants with snacks that are fresh, organic, and locally grown whenever possible.  Organic fruit is procured from local cooperative grocers.  Dry snacks are low in sugar and sodium.  We also offer peanut-free options, and work with families to create a modified snack schedule for those students who have diabetes or diet-related considerations.

h3. smARTworks Academics

Divided into two, the days are organized around different artistic mediums. Students will start their day with a focus on sculpture projects and after lunch the afternoon session concentrates on drawing, painting and printmaking.

h3. Mornings: sculpture projects


Students explore three-dimensional forms as artistic responses to the weekly themes. Projects encourage students to consider basic art fundamentals of color, form, texture and rhythm to strengthen their processes and vocabulary. Mediums include clay, papier mache, assemblage, weaving, batik and found object sculptures.

h3. Afternoons: drawing, painting, printmaking


Students investigate weekly themes through drawing, painting and printmaking, while incorporating basic art fundamentals such as line, shape, form, color mixing and composition.  Mediums include graphite, charcoal, tempera, watercolors, ink, acrylic, collage, block printing and collagraphs.