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PNCA offers evening and weekend classes for adults and young people. For adults we offer courses in art, craft, and design, as well as professional development classes. For children we have Saturday classes during the school year and week-long camps during the summer. In addition to our regular teen classes, we also offer immersive summer Pre-College Studios. Our blog below gives you an idea of some of the goings on, and you can see our full course catalogue online here.

Fall 2012 Youth Classes!

Week 3: Desert Worlds

Wow! We had such a great summer. smARTworks and Pre-College were amazing! It is hard to believe that Fall Youth Classes are just around the corner! They start on Saturday, September 29th. This year we are rolling out some exciting workshops for young teens. Here is a look at our course offerings this fall:

MiniMasters (4-6) with MaryEllen Hartman
Mixed Media Studio (7-8) with Mary Dixon
Comics + Zines (9-11) with Gary Sweet
Drawing Techniques (12-14) with Kendra Larson
Posters is Photo Shop (13-16) with Amy Steel
Websites in Tumblr (13-16) with Sarah Moon
Observational Painting (Pre-College) with Benny Fountain

Week 4: Ocean + Island Life

Our scholarship deadline is on Friday September 7th, 2012. If you’re interested in applying for a scholarship to receive tuition remission to one of our classes this fall please visit our website,, to learn more, or complete our Online Application Form.

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