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Congressional Art Competition

For 17 years, Representative Blumenauer has participated in the Congressional Art Competition. Each year, the Congressman looks forward to seeing all of the unique projects that high school students from his district create. For this year’s competition, the deadline for submissions to the Blumenauer Office is Friday, April 12.

As in past years, PNCA faculty and the Pre-College Program will assist Congressman Blumenauer’s effort by supporting the jurying process and providing scholarship awards to the competition winners. In preparation for this year’s competition, I inquired with Kevin Pozzi, Field Representative for Congressman Blumenauer, about the exceptional efforts of the Blumenauer Office to get high school students from the district involved.

2011 Congressional Art Competition
Reception for Congressional Art Exhibition 2011. Photograph Sara Kaltwasser.

Tell us a bit about the Congressional Art competition?
The Congressional Art Competition began in 1982 to encourage and recognize artistic talent in high school students across the country. Art students from local schools are encouraged to submit original works to their Congressman, with the winner from each district receiving 2 tickets to Washington, D.C. to see their piece hung in the U.S. Capitol Building. This is the 17th year that Representative Blumenauer has hosted the competition in Oregon’s 3rd District.

Why has Representative Blumenauer been a consistent advocate of the event?
The Art Competition shows us that education isn’t just about tests and grades, it’s about fostering an appreciation for the arts in our youth and creating well-rounded citizens. In addition to the winning piece being exhibited in the U.S. Capitol for an entire year, which Members, staff, and visitors alike pass by each day, the Congressman hosts a gallery exhibition for all student submissions at the YU Gallery in SE Portland. We are really grateful that PNCA has partnered with our office and the Competition again!

Is Rep. Blumenauer currently involved in legislation involving arts education?
From his days on the Portland City Council leading the local effort to create a dedicated ‘Percent for Art,’ Congressman Blumenauer has consistently championed arts funding. He has co-sponsored bills in Congress that would allocate additional funding for after-school programs where children can get more actively involved in the arts, as well as support non-profit organizations that supply children with books and other art supplies. The Congressman was also the cosponsor to a house resolution that highlighted the importance of art and design into the Federal programs that are emphasizing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs. This resolution stated that arts are a vital part of all curricula.

2011 Congressional Art Competition
Representative Earl Blumenauer. Photograph Sara Kaltwasser.

Learn more online about the Congressional Art Competition.

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