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PNCA offers evening and weekend classes for adults and young people. For adults we offer courses in art, craft, and design, as well as professional development classes. For children we have Saturday classes during the school year and week-long camps during the summer. In addition to our regular teen classes, we also offer immersive summer Pre-College Studios. Our blog below gives you an idea of some of the goings on, and you can see our full course catalogue online here.

Educator Development

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Incorporate fine arts practices into your teaching curriculum. Three courses are available for graduate credit this summer— Advanced Painting, Color of Place and Printmaking: Collaboration Studio. These classes challenge the participants to engage deeply in art and design principals, incorporate new media and advanced techniques into their own practice and into the classroom.
Scholarships are available for qualified teachers.


What does the scholarship cover?

This program is designed to allow teachers to take classes for graduate credit at PNCA this summer. The scholarships will cover the cost of credit minus the average reimbursement rate of classes ($490). In other words a one credit class costing $1203, the scholarship would be for $713. For two classes costing $2406 the scholarship would be for $1426.

What classes can I use this for?

Only these three: Advanced Painting, Color of Place and Printmaking: Collaboration Studio.

How do I apply?

Fill out the application form for the classes and send an email to requesting a scholarship for the class. You will need a documentation of your current employment as a teacher in a public school.

What is the studio time for Advanced Painting?
Scholarship recipients will eligible to use of an on campus studio for the duration of the class and the week of July 15th to complete their additional work. Access will be for normal building hours and subject to availability.

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