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Guitar Effect Pedals Week Three

Inside of Guitar Pedal
This is the Third Entry from PNCA Librarian Dan McClure on his adventures in the Continuing Education Guitar Effects Pedal class.

This is the inside of a tremolo pedal I’m hoping to replicate and improve. I’ve had this since 1996 but rarely use it on stage because the knobs are mounted on the side and there’s no LED light indicating that it’s on. It would be really nice if it had a volume knob and speed-doubling footswitch with a light too.

Ohms Image

Ohm’s law is where it started on the first night, and we keep coming back to it. It’s the third class and I sort of get it. Mostly. So many amps, so many Ohms.


Mark brought in an oscilloscope tonight and showed waveforms. He said he has a collection of oscilloscopes, mostly from Techtronics (like this one), right here in the Portland area. Apparently all of the secrets of the universe can be unveiled using a multimeter and an oscilloscope. I’m going to miss class next week because I’ll be in Washington D.C. I’ll try to post some interesting pictures of my trip anyway. When I come back we’ll really be in the thick of things, constructing pedals and refining circuits.

* * *