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Fall catalog cover

I am pleased that faculty member Kendra Larson has provided the original artwork for our fall publications. Her painting “November", acrylic on wood, 48" x36", 2014, is in the collection of Reto Rietmann, Reinach, Switzerland. Larson says about the work: “This painting depicts Mt Adams last November. Every year, for my birthday, I go on a hike somewhere I have never hiked before. This striking place has burnt tree stands left over from the 2014 Cascade Creek Fire. Next to these, in stark contrast, is the fresh snow preparing the grounds for spring flowers. These two things, ash and snow, destruction and renewal, are powerful symbols. I painted the bark of these trees black with just a little of the brightly colored under painting peeking through. This was done to express the yet unseen life that these nurse logs will support. Even though this experience was in November, this painting could just as easily been about the coming of spring. I tend to be drawn to the time when seasons are changing. After this hike, as I was starting to paint, I couldn't ignore the memories of the bright sun. It was cold, but the sun shown adding dancing shadows and life to everything on the hillside.” This fall semester, Larson will teach Landscape Painting, October 1-November 19, and pre-college Figure, Form and Portraits , October 11-November 15. On August 24, Larson’s profile was featured as Saatchi Online Artist of the Day. Also, she currently has work included in the Fall National Juried Exhibition at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, August 30– October 5, 2014. Kendra Larson received her BFA from PNCA and her MFA in Painting at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
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