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Bud Clark Commons TV


Bud Clark Commons TV is a collaborative program that supports people who have experienced homelessness to create and share videos of their own making. The program launched in 2012 as part of the first Bud Clark Commons Artist in Residence Program funded by The City of Portland Percent for Art Program through the Regional Arts and Culture Council. The group of founding artists included Carl Diehl (PNCA Assistant Professor), Ariana Jacob, Joan Lundell (Certificate Design ’10; MFA CD ‘13), Mack McFarland (Exhibitions Coordinator for the Phillip Feldman Gallery), and Jeffrey. Most recently, Carmen Denison (MA CT/CR ’13), Peter Falanga (MA CT/CR ’13), Daniel Mackin (BFA ’14) and Jill Falk (BFA ’15) have coordinated BCCTV activities.


Collaboration and Community

BCCTV was founded as a collaborative project, and continues to run that way. Carmen Denison (MA CT/CR ’13) took over coordination of the program with her colleague Peter Falanga (MA CT/CR ’13) in the winter of 2012, soon to be followed by Daniel Mackin (BFA ’14) (the program is currently coordinated by all three artists). BCCTV continues today as a series of workshops that focus on the core skills in filmmaking and video art, such as editing, lighting, narrative construction, and personal artistic development. Guided by our teachers Denison, Falanga, Mackin, and PNCA intern Jill Falk, each class is attended by seven to twelve participants. This creates a collaborative environment in which skills, experiences, and stories are shared. Between workshop series, attendees focus on long-term individual projects that, along with works made during the workshops, screen at the second annual BCCTV ON THE BIG SCREEN event. Through the support of PNCA, Transition Projects Inc., and donations from generous individual supporters, BCCTV can continue to engage artists, engender collaboration, and captivate audiences throughout Portland’s entire creative community.

Bud Clark Commons

Bud Clark Commons is an innovative partnership between the Portland Housing Bureau, Home Forward, Transition Projects, Inc., and Multnomah County. The center provides vital resources, shelter, and housing placement services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Portland.

Tune In

See more about BCCTV and how PNCA alumni and students are making a difference in the Portland community at BCCTV Web and BCCTV Vimeo.
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