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In Character: Celebrating Oregon Writers

In Character

We invite you to bring to life your favorite characters and narratives from Oregon writers in our new intergenerational, hands-on workshops, every third Saturday, 1:30-5pm (except December 13, 10-5pm), this fall. Give shape and colors, movement and interaction to characters or scenes dear to you through creative interpretation and transformation of texts by Oregon authors. Find inspiration in the sharing and collaboration at each workshop. Ken Kesey: Illustration + Character Creation, Ages 14+, with Kinoko Evans; October 18 Raymond Carver: Animation + Hinge Puppets , Ages 15+, with Micah Weber; November 15 Opal Whiteley: Shadow Puppets, Ages 14+, with Alexey Moore; December 13 The only prerequisite is a passion for the particular writer and her/his stories; no art-making experience is required. All materials are provided. Bring a friend, spouse, child or mentor for free with advance rsvp! Artwork by Kinoko Evans.
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