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Interview with Kinoko

Kinoko Comic

kinokogallery is teaching Intro Comics with Pacific Northwest College of Art Continuing Education this fall. Kinoko graciously answered a couple of questions about the class and herself.

1. How and why did you conceived this class?

This class operates as a concise breakdown of the structure and understanding of comics. The class runs for 8 weeks and it offers students the basics to get them started in the practice of comics making. 

2.  Can you talk about what drew you to comic and graphic novels?

I have been drawing comics and self publishing since the 1990's. During the past five years, I have been doing more commercial, freelance work in comics as well as publishing my own work. It's really become the most appropriate outlet for me to process ideas and research towards an increasingly visual culture.

3. What can students expect to make in your class?

Students will be doing in class exercises and homework that will kick start the process of visual story telling. They will be creating 1-2 page comics experimenting with styles and visual techniques within the comics medium.

4. What are some of the challenges and opportunities being a woman in the graphic novel/comics field?

Thankfully, comics have become so mainstream now that we have graphic novels in every format, for all sorts of readers. There are even plenty of magazines printing pages of comics as a part of their monthly print publications now. There is more of a demand for comics today than ever before, which means a greater call for more voices within comics. That's all good new for cartooning.

5. What are you working on now?

My self-published graphic novel of The Epic of Gilgamesh was just picked up by the indie comics worlds Study Group site.

I'm looking forward to that going live. I'm also finishing up a few pieces for Design Week Portland coming in October. I will be tabling a few more cons this year including Short Run in Seattle this November, I am finalizing a new comic for the Comics Workbook site (comicsworkbook) site, and still in the research phase for my next long term project which will be focusing on East coast indigenous history in early America.  

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