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The Big Draw

We had a blast on October 25th at PNCA, where we hosted one of the few Pacific Northwest BIG DRAW events featured during this annual drawing festival. We had so many activities, including our Big World Drawing, Animation, Drawing with Thread, and more. Here are a few snap shots from the day. THE BIG DRAW THE BIG DRAW THE BIG DRAW THE BIG DRAW THE BIG DRAW The BIG DRAW has been running since October 1st and will continue through November 2nd. BIG DRAW spans the UK and across the globe with events in over twenty other countries. The Big Draw offers thousands of enjoyable, and mainly free, drawing activities which connect people of all ages with museums, outdoor spaces, artists, designers, illustrators - and each other. These events are for those who love to draw, as well as for those who think they can't! We love to draw at PNCA, so it's only natural that we hosted this event.
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