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Our Fall Art Festival is Coming

At the end of each term we host something special for families and students participating in our program. This fall we will be hosting our Fall Art Festival and Family Day, which is a giant art party! FA_FamilyDay_Button Last spring we hosted a similar event with tons of sweet family friendly activities. Here are some of the image captures from our Spring Festival. Spring Art Festival and Family Day! Youth Art Festival & Family Day Youth Art Festival & Family Day Activities at this Fall's Art Festival will include: *Cardboard Robot Crafts* Big robots and small robots; if you can imagine it, you can build it! Use recycled materials to craft super amazing robots! *Prints & Patterns* Use Scratchfoam to make amazing images. Learn to make patterns and pull prints! *Mixed Media Drawing Table* Draw want you want, how you want! Use a variety of materials and different surfaces and you create your masterpiece. *Face Painting* You want it, we can paint it! We use kid-safe paints, raw skill, and imagination to turn your child into a fantastic creature or character! *Play a Theremin* Meet with Continuing Education instructor Mark Keppinger, and discover the awesomeness that is playing a theremin. Come on down to PNCA on November 15th between 11:30am and 2pm to party with the Youth Program!
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